Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Week in Review

Christmas has come & gone. We've had a nice relaxing week here though of not doing a whole lot. It's been a nice change. My hubby took the week off from work so we took the week off from school. It's hard to believe it's almost Friday.

Sunday, Christmas Eve.

We actually ended up having our Christmas next door with my husband's family. It was nice to do it all a day early. His sister & her husband were here from New Hampshire & had to head back that afternoon. We were there around 9am. My boys had a great time ripping in to the gifts - although I J wasn't quite sure how to open them. I had to help some. I went home after & took a four hour nap. Heaven! My MIL even kept the boys over at her place & then my hubby brought them back after a couple hours. I kept sleeping. Ahhhhh............

Monday, Christmas Day
We had Christmas at home. Both my hubby & I said that it didn't feel like Christmas since we had done all this the day before. We stayed here at our own place all day. The boys enjoyed playing with all their new gifts. A friend of mine gave them a TV video game (just plug & play) that is motocross racing. The controller looks like the handlebars of a bike. They are both getting pretty good at it!

I got to go grocery shopping! LOL It's my normal weekly day to shop & I was almost out of diapers so I went. It wasn't too bad actually. I never had to wait in line that long & it was nice to be out of the house after being home for three days. The best part - I got to go alone during the day time! I came home close to 1pm though & found that hubby didn't feed the kids lunch, all were playing some sort of video game (minus the 2 year old) & the 2 year old was still up instead of napping! I managed to get all the groceries put away, everyone fed, & J down for his nap by 2pm. Not bad. And we are on vacation after all.

We spent a lot of time today playing Settlers of Catan - Cities & Knights. Settlers of Catan is a strategy game & that is the name of the base game. They then have add-on games. One is called Seafarers & we have that as well. I bought Cities & Knights for Christmas so we have spent the week learning the new rules & game strategy. We play it with our 10 year old. He's doing very well. We ganged up on my hubby yesterday & I actually won - by a lot! That doesn't normally happen. It's good practice though as that is how my hubby & I are spending New Year's Eve - playing Settlers with friends/co-workers from his office. He tells me they are all vicious in their playing, so I need to step it up a bit!

I went to my mom's office & had my first chiropractic adjustment. I used to work at a general medical office that had a couple of doctor of osteopaths who worked there & I used to have adjustments there once a month. It was great! My neck & back cracked & popped pretty well today. I was having a general ache & I hope I'll feel better tomorrow. Right now I'm still pretty sore. After that I took my Mom to the "big city" to exchange some clothes at Dress Barn & do some shopping. It was a nice as I don't normally get to do this with her. She found some new clothes. I even found a really nice brown corduroy skirt. I attempted to find a grinder attachment for my MIL's new Kitchen Aide but the stores I tried didn't have it in stock. My Mom is letting her borrow the one she has. We had dinner at Governor's Restaurant (family style). Oh & I found a brand new scrapbooking store! Woo-hoo! It's small. The name is Paper & Clay. Half of it is all scrapbooking/stamping supplies & the other is pottery/ceramics. It looked neat. I found some nicely priced acrylic stamps. I bought an alphabet set for less than $10, some snowflake stickers, & some paper for a project I need to get done asap. I'm altering paint cans for two of my nieces for Christmas. We are having Christmas with my family on Monday.

I bought a new vacuum on Tuesday at Wal-Mart. It's a Bissell. It was cheap -LOL - under $45 & it WORKS! It's not bad & my oldest son is even excited to help me out by using it. I think it will do the trick for now.

As for my insulin pump, I finally found out that I need an "out of network" referral from my primary doctor (who has nothing to do with my diabetes care). Then my insurance company will deny it. The pump company will appeal it for me & I will get approval. Nuts isn't. So I will be calling my primary doc's office tomorrow just to be sure they actually put in the referral as they said they would. I'm praying to have my pump before March. That is when my hubby's work reviews (and usually changes!) their insurance plan and/or company. Right now it's covered - who knows what will happen then.


  1. Lisa, enjoyed reading your update. It sounds like you are having a pretty good Christmas week!

  2. Great to hear how your week is going. Sounds like a nice Christmas. I am praying everything works out with your insulin pump, Lisa. I'll be checking your blog for the latest!

  3. I always love catching your updates.

    Please let us know what you think about the whining book. I'm STILL thinking of ordering some books by that author. I'm so slow to order books like this. I am thrilled to find out that the Steve Maxwell one on hearts or something is coming my way from PBS. LOL


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