About Me

Need to reach me? The best way is via e-mail. Contact me at luvtoskrap@gmail.com

Welcome to my little spot on the internet! I'm Lisa and I've been here blogging away since about 2005. I bounced around a bit before I settled in to this nice little place I call my own. I use this platform to chronicle the lives of us all here at The Berry Patch.

First there's me...I am a homeschooling mom to three rug rats (aka boys). My hubby & I live on the family homestead. What does that mean exactly? Well, start out somewhere in civilization and head north. Once you hit the dirt road, drive just a tad farther. If it's mud season, put it in 4-wheel drive. Trust me on that one.

Then you drive up this lovely driveway....

You'll first see this....
This is where we live right now but hopefully we'll be building a house soon. Right now we have plans to add on a nice addition to give us a bit more wiggling room. But you know the best part of living in this trailer....it's paid for!

You'll see this house too... This is the house my hubby's grandfather lives in. He was born in this house almost 85 years ago. He still works around the place and loves cutting firewood. Last year he did 10 cords...by himself. That's a lot of wood for anyone - let alone a man in his 80s! He just bought a new tractor so he's pretty happy right now.

And this place... This is my in-laws house. They designed it, cut the wood off land they own, milled the lumber on site, and built it all by themselves. I love my in-laws which is good thing since we live so close!

This is the barn and sawmill (where the above house was milled)... The sawmill doesn't run anymore, but that nice screened in porch on my trailer? That wood came from this mill. My FIL now has a portable one and we're using that to cut lumber for our addition. The barn houses our chickens, bunnies, and all that wood Grandpa has cut.

I've been married to my college sweetheart for almost 17 years.

As I mentioned above. We have three boys. Our oldest is a teenager. Yes, I know. I find that hard to believe myself on a daily basis. The part he loves best right now? He's officially taller than me. Not hard since I can barely claim to be five foot three inches tall, but he's pretty happy about it. He is a Lego-loving, book reading, fantasy-loving boy. He wants to grow up to be a Lego-Designer.

Our next little one is nine years old.  He has a heart that truly chases after God. He is my train loving kid. If you want to know anything about any type of train, just ask him. Go ahead. He amazes me at his knowledge of them. In fact, he carries around an encyclopedia of them to read - for fun. He loves to ride his bike as well and is looking forward to doing a 25K ride with me soon.

The baby of the bunch is this little cutie.  He loves his stuffies and has a ton of them. This one made it in to the photo shoot. He brings joy & laughter in to our lives each and every day. He loves to just be with us and has a lot of the same interests as his older brothers. He's still trying to figure out what he likes without influence from those he lives with and shares a room with.

So that's a little glimpse in to life at The Berry Patch. As I mentioned I am also a homeschooling mom. I will be starting my eighth year this fall (2010). I blog about what we do each day over at Freedom Academy. My state requires 175 days of school (or about 800 hours) so I'm using that blog to chronicle what we use and what works and what doesn't.

I'm also an amateur photographer and I try to share daily photos over at My Life in Pictures.