Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grand Prix Racing

My two oldest boys are involved in AWANA this year. The spring always brings the Grand Prix around. It's very similar to the Boy Scouts Pine Wood Derby. They make small wooden cars & then race them. This is the track they race on - an electronic finish line is at the end to measure it all to the hundredth of a second.

Even though he didn't race, J had a great time!

N had a fast car - he was consistently coming in 2nd or 3rd in his races (everyone races four times & the scores are added up). However, he had two little boys in his group who had REALLY fast cars. One of the leaders had the track record & had held that for quite a few years. This day it was broken three times! The one that left today with the fastest car was a little boy who raced against N -in the Sparkies group. He was sorely disappointed at the end that he did not get a trophy, but did come around by the time we went home.

B did not have a very fast car, but I had forgotten that they also give out trophies on design. The top three cars in each category get a trophy - both for design and speed. B ended up winning first place for design! Woo-Hoo!!!

The design of some of the cars was pretty cool. One little boy in the Cubbies group had a Percy (from Thomas the Tank Engine fame) & one boy in N's group had a Thomas! They were very well made, but unfortunately not very aerodynamic. LOL There was also a "Moses," a duck, a flower cart (one of the mom's did that - they had an open category this year & many people from the church raced), a pencil, and many others.

I didn't get great photos the day of the race, so here are some of the boys a few days later with their cars.

We were going for a corvette look here.

Is that a happy kid or what?
Daddy helped with the flames on the side. :-)


  1. Ah - wonderful event and great pictures.

  2. Lisa, my ds won a trophy in his AWANA derby a few years ago. It's one of those wonderful memories!


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