Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Brownie King

I told my boys I'd make brownies this afternoon & promised they would be ready so they could have one before bed. N didn't care as he doesn't eat brownies - yet. I can't seem to get him to try one as I know he'd love them! J & B are the ones who really like them. Well, apparently, I was not moving fast enough for B & he feared not getting said brownies before bed so he offered to make them - for the very first time! I told him to go for it. The child is going to be 11 in just about a week. He mixes & cooks pancakes at his grandmothers so I figured he could handle the brownies.

Adding the eggs (which he cracked himself)...

Doing the mixing...

Proud baker having pulled them from the oven (with a bit of help from Mom)...

Testament as to how we all felt about them!

I'm pretty sure B is now the Brownie King & will be in charge of all the brownie baking. Time to teach him to make congo bars (tollhouse cookie bars) next I think!

PS: Bob, don't worry, I decided not to post the photos of you & the boys wrestling. If anyone sees some odd comments from an anonymous poster, don't worry, it's just my hubby. He kept telling me he was reading the blog so I told him to leave a comment from time to time so I'd know. :-)


  1. GADZOOKS!! There's a term I hadn't heard in a bazillion years....CONGO BARS!!!!! YUM!

  2. Good Job B! I love cooking helpers!lol

    Great job on your freezer! I've not had a chance to get to mine.

  3. Great job, B! Keep him at it, Lisa...he'll be making meals in no time.

  4. WHAT are congo bars????

    I say get him started on PIZZA....what a treat to have children who excel in the kitchen.

  5. Lisa - dropping in to let you know that you have won For the Children's me your address either at my personal address (seen my hundreds on SHS daily) or at


  6. Our 10 yo ds also loves to bake. he doesn't really like to cook that much, but he does like to make muffins. I'm sure brownies would fit right in there.


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