Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For Christmas I wanted to make blankets for my boys. I even got up VERY early the day after Thanksgiving to go to Joann's to buy the fleece & flannel. Then it sat in bags hidden in my hubby's closet. Oh, did I mention that I've never used a sewing machine & that this was to be my first project? Um, yeah. Suddenly I realized it was only about three weeks to Christmas.

Then my sister came in to save me!

She sewed all three of the boys blankets in time for Christmas! Phew! I even managed to tack the two little boys blankets. I still need to do B's blanket.

She didn't manage to do the one I had picked out for my hubby & myself but that wasn't an issue. I knew she would get to it when she could.

It turns out it was a bit more difficult to make simply because it was bigger. We have a queen size bed. However, this past weekend I picked it up & we just love it!

The flannel top is a lodge theme. My hubby wasn't thrilled with the blue background at first but has decided that he does like it. ::grin:: There is some brown fleece on the edge since the flannel wasn't long enough. I really like that though. Then it has a dark green fleece for the backing. My hubby's favorite colors. I think he was secretly thrilled it wasn't "girly!"

If you'd like to see the whole top, click here to check out my Project 365 blog.


  1. Lisa,

    Did you just make up the pattern or is it somewhere online?

    It's really nice.

  2. It's just two pieces of flannel cut & sewed together. :-) Nothing fancy but I love it & it's so nice & cozy! :-)

  3. Wow. I really like this quilt. I love flannel.

  4. LOL... I don't remember you mentioning the part about not knowing how to sew (LOL). That sounds like something I would do. In fact, I did buy a sewing machine and serger once and made a quilt. I think that was the last time I sewed something (LOL).


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