Monday, April 27, 2009

First Offical Spring Walk

I love when the weather is nice enough to go for walks again. The mud is all gone - for the most part. It's nice enough to only need a long-sleeve shirt or a light sweatshirt. There are no bugs (very important!). Today was one of those days. So off we went.

Miss L loves riding in the "deluxe" stroller I bought last fall when I had Miss L & Miss H. The big tires are great on our dirt roads & makes me wish I had something similar when J was little.

I kept annoying the boys by stopping to take photos that showed spring was finally coming.

I try to take this photo every spring. 

Check out that big pine cone! J came home with the pine cone, a rock, and some sticks. 

As an aside... "Scout" had to go with him everywhere - even on walks. My MIL bought this little stuffed dog when J was born as the tag had the same name that we gave J. J renamed him "Scout" when he started talking. My in-laws black lab is named Scout.


  1. Oh so much fun! I miss some parts of Maine like that! Hunter can't wait to go for walks in the woods with his grandparents. :)

  2. Love the pictures! Glad to see spring is finally there! I think it has already turned summer here!

  3. Pretty! No bugs is good...I was just thinking this same thing today. We need to enjoy it while we can in our area as well... before the swarms of mosquitoes descend. We've got quite a few ticks already.

    Don't you love those crocs - easy on and off. I've gotten my daughter those as well.

    It looks like Scout enjoyed the walk as well. ;)

  4. WooHOO! Spring has really sprung in the NE. LOL

  5. We have weather nice enough for walks a couple of times so far this spring. Can't wait for the snow to quit though. We just had snow again this a.m.

  6. Life, there is life undr all the brown! I'be neem noticing similar sites here.


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