Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY... Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside my window... it's after 7pm here but thanks to being so close to the summer solstice it's still nice and bright out. I love this time of year.

I am thinking...life has certainly been busy lately. Time to start figuring out if I can still "do it all" or not.

I am thankful for...my hubby. 

From the learning rooms...this week the boys are attending 4-H Day Camp. It goes from 9-2:30 Monday through Wednesday. Today is the end of day two. They are pretty much exhausted. They aren't used to going and doing all day. But they are learning tons! Here's a list...

wind power
fly tying
animals and their babies
how to make healthy food (snack-time)
basket weaving

From the kitchen...not a whole lot. It's been hot! But my hubby has been home more and baseball is done so we've been grilling a lot. Tonight was easy - burgers and dogs on the grill. I love our grill.

I am wearing...crocs, capris, and t-shirt. Plain but comfy and cool.

I am creating...oh my - way too much. Working on photos. Behind in those - horribly so. Ideas continually  float through my head of other projects I want to take on - but so far they are still just floating around. 

I am going...to really enjoy the fact that day camp is over tomorrow. It has been fun but we've all been very tired. I'm looking forward to doing "nothing" for the end of the week.  Nothing = my typical schedule.

I am reading...a series by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove). I'm up to book 7 & I like it as much as book 1.

I am hoping...to be able to get some more school done next week. Fun stuff. I'll be working on our schedule here soon. The summer seems to go by so fast that I'm also hoping to get out and enjoy it too!

I am hearing...the dryer going. The boys chattering as they get ready for bed.

Around the house...keeping things to a bare minimum lately. I'm not used to being out of the house all day every day anymore. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over but I'm very thankful the boys have had such a great time.

One of my favorite things...anything on the grill but most especially carrots cooked in tinfoil on the grill with a touch of olive oil. Oh.my.yumminess!

A few plans for the rest of the week:4-H Day Camp finishes up tomorrow. Typical schedule for Thursday & Friday.  A wedding on Saturday. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I took this photo of my oldest at 4-H Day Camp yesterday.
He was in the midst of the gardening project the older kids are working on.
He was hauling large chunks of granite/rocks out from under a 
camp building to make a new garden on the site.
He looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm so happy. I love this."
And that makes the early mornings and long day worth it to me.


  1. Oooh! I adore Debbie Macomber books - what a perfect summer escape ;)

  2. I *adore* Cedar Cove...I wish it was real some days, Lisa...I'd live there in a hot minute =]

    Book 8 is fabulous...they just keep getting better and better!


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