Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - the sick edition

Last week my two younger children were exposed to chicken pox - on purpose. I have never fully trusted the varicella vaccine so we chose to expose them in order to give them lifetime immunity (no booster shots required). Our plan was that if they had not been exposed by the time they were teenagers, we would look in to the vaccine, but until then we waited. 

While they are still spot-free ten days after being exposed, the start of our week had our middle son in the doctor's office on Monday afternoon. He was diagnosed with a strep infection and a probable ear infection. The poor kid was hurting rather bad. Since I kept expecting him to break out in spots as well we only ended up doing two days of school this week. I will say that the first two days of the week he wasn't feeling up to school. My policy has always been that if one child is sick, they all get a sick day. It makes tracking the number of days they have done easier for me.

So having said that, we only managed to do school on Friday and, yes, Saturday. I figured if they were well enough to fight and play they were well enough to do school work. 

J7 continues to amaze me with how much more he is learning this year. It is vastly apparent that he is better able to sit and focus and work on the skills I want him to learn. There is truly nothing better than seeing your child learn to read! He is working through Alpha-Phonics book and is on Lesson 6. He read eleven sentences on Friday. So proud! He is also doing wonderful with his math book. This is his second year in the book, but prior to this year he simply was not ready to grasp the concepts being taught or able to sit and learn. This year - no problem at all. 
He's happy to do math with me now.

I keep coming back to a freebie I managed to get last year. It's put out by Sequential Spelling and it's a rather large sample of their video based spelling program. I love this as my two older boys have a good base in phonics so it's something they can work on alone without too much involvement by me. This frees me up to work with J6.
N9 working on his spelling. Yes, my desk is a mess. I'm cleaning it up this weekend.

As a variation to workboxes, I have gone back to my beloved "checklists." The boys even ask for them. I simply put a heading for the subject and write beneath it what I want them to do. They still have their bins to keep their books in which (supposedly) helps cut down on the "where-can-I-finds" that crop up.

While we only had two days of school this week and we're still waiting for our two younger boys to become "speckled" we managed to get some good learning in. 

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  1. As a side note... speckling is not the only indicator of the chicken pox.

    I had them as a child. with only 2 pock marks in my arm pit... That is IT!.... My mom said I had the fever, and swollen lymphnodes....

    I have babysat a bazillion kids while they had the chicken pox... I know I have the immunity for sure, because I have never gotten them again :)

  2. Hi Lisa-Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog! No speckles yet, huh? Hopefully middle son is feeling better from his strep!


  3. Good luck with the chicken pox. I was exposed to them every year when they went through school, but I didn't get them until I was 35 (caught them from my son who was 9 months old).
    Janet W


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