Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zuma vs. Zumba

I have apparently generated a bit of confusion lately in my status reports on Facebook. I felt the need to clear things up a bit. You know, for the general good and all that.

Zuma cover

Zuma is a arcade type game that I have been playing for a while. I used to play only at the PopCap Game site. It's a fun game. Then it showed up on Facebook complete with a one minute time limit and a leader board. There is something about that leader board that gets me every time. I guess it's my competitive nature. 


www.ditchtheworkout.com ZUMBA® LOGO USED UNDER LICENSE

Zumba is the new fitness craze sweeping the nation. I actually heard about Zumba online a couple years ago. I promptly went and bought the videos and tried it out in the comfort of my own living room. I liked the concept but "shaking it" in front of my three boys wasn't going to happen.

This past fall the elementary school in my small town was closed for budget reasons. It has been turned in to a  Rec Center and I'm thrilled. They are offering yoga, walking times, and even a GPS class! But the best part - Zumba has come to my little tiny town ! Yes, population 900 and we have Zumba classes twice a week.

Still not sure what this is? Check out this YouTube video....

(not my actual class)

So there you have it...the difference between Zuma and Zumba. 


  1. And I love both! Of course, if I would get up and actually go to the Zumba class instead of sitting down on my rear playing Zuma I wouldn't have some of the struggles I have now... lol

  2. Please tell me the name of the at home zumba you ordered.


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