Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Leaps of Love Challenge


Jolanthe over at No Ordinary Moments is posting a challenge for the month of February called Little Leaps of Love. The concept is rather simple. She is going to be posting daily challenges for you to accomplish that will show your family love. Simple, no? She even has a great printable for you to download in order to track your points. Why do you need to track points? In order to see where you fall for the prizes at the end of the challenge. As she mentions, it's best to do the challenge on the day it's assigned in order to not go nutso trying to remember what the day is and what challenge goes with it.

I'm off to complete the first challenge myself...hiding love notes for my family since it's late in the day and there are no steamy mirrors to be found.

Have fun showing your family some love this month!

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