Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating Lent

Lent began today, Ash Wednesday. Typically this is a holiday season celebrated by liturgical churches. I was not brought up in such a church nor do I attend one now. In fact, our church is "non-denominational" and recently hired a pastor from a Mennonite background.

However, in recent years I've really wanted to begin celebrating Lent. To me, it's similar to Advent - again - not something typically celebrated in a non-liturgical church setting. Advent helps prepare our hearts for Christmas. Lent does the same for Easter.

However, without Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) there would be no need to celebrate Christmas. Christ's death and resurrection is the single most important thing we as Christians can recognize. For without Christ having conquered death, we would have no hope. Thankfully He chose to save us with this single act of unselfish love. Thank you, Lord!

Last year I attempted a devotional with the boys but fell a bit short. I also "fasted" from Facebook for the entire time. While Lent is about giving up something for 40 days (the same amount of time that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by Satan), this year I've decided to do a few different things.

As I type this, I am printing off a lapbook from Homeschool Share (my favorite place for lapbooks). The lapbook is based on the story The Three Trees. I even have the book on hand which is an added bonus when Mom decides to do something for school the very next day. This family devotional link was also shared on Facebook and I plan to use part of our family Bible study. (If you have a spare moment or two, I recommend just reading her blog - good stuff!)

My goal over the next 40 days is to draw closer to Jesus. This is something that has been laid on my heart so much in the last few months. It's something I've already been striving for. I will be fasting from a few things as well, although I have decided not to do a full fast at this moment. I plan to but since I received the book I want to use just mere days ago I plan to wait to read and understand a bit more and also get the go ahead from my endocrinologist.

I will be giving up games on Facebook - I know, harsh! Actually, they are a huge time waster for me so while I enjoy them for unwinding, I won't be playing or competing for high score for at least the next 40 days (maybe longer!). I'm also fully giving up Diet Mt. Dew. While I managed to do this for 3-1/2 weeks this fall, I have been drinking about one or two a day in recent weeks. And on a related note, I'm also giving up candy bars - any processed candy/sweets - gone.

I will also be starting a daily quiet time. I'm considering using this online devotional. After all Lent is about waiting, anticipating, and preparing.

If you'd like to join in, it's not too late. Thank you to Trish over at House Upon the Rock for hosting this great blogging challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing how others are going to be celebrating Lent.


  1. Looks like you have a lot of good ideas working. Not sure how much I'll be able to do with the kids, but I'm looking for something meatier to do with Gabe. Still mulling and searching.

  2. Lisa
    It's great to have you aboard.

    Kimberlee does have some wonderful posts! I haven't had a chance to look over her lent devotions, other than a quick look, so I'm off to do that tonight.

    I hope that this will be a blessing to all and whether or not everyone posts every day or not, I'm looking forward to being encouraged by what everyone is sharing.


  3. It sounds like you already have some great ideas. I'll look forward to reading more. Lent really is a great time for growth and reflection.

  4. I love Lent. Though it's not a directive from the Bible, I find it's a great tradition that helps me to worship. And I'm giving up pizza. I'm going to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. I am not going to lie, I totally waited to read your blog before I attempted to write mine! Really great...

  6. I used to buy devotional, but really there is so much online! I'm grateful there are so many Christians online who offer such meaty and weighty reflections, devotions, and Bible studies.

    I tend to spend time on a specific weakness every Lent. This year I am praying to grow in grace concerning my trust in the Lord, meaning letting go of my control(worry, anxiety, over thinking). In my mind, I know I should put all my trust in Jesus, but my heart needs to turn.

    Please pray for me...offering prayers for your journey through Lent. :)


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