Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up...a slow start

I had it on my calendar that we would hit day #100 of our school year tomorrow. However, we did "Saturday" school this week (since we took Monday off) so that was actually our 100th day! I'm sort of bummed as I wanted to do some fun stuff. I may still do it tomorrow and have fun anyway!

This does mean that we are over half-way done with our required 175 days. I'm pushing through and continuing to tweak things as we go, but then again, I do that every year.

Monday we took off. Tuesday we did our "checklists."  I find it hard to implement things mid-year, but some things do need to change. Our state convention is coming up soon and that's always a fun time to check out new curriculum.

My nephew was here on Wednesday this week. Since he was here anyway we did our Fine Arts Co-Op day. We learned about the French horn, bassoon, Franz Liszt, and Michaelangelo. We also did some art history and a drawing lesson. I really like the focus we've kept this year through this mini-co-op. Without the accountability of my sister, I wouldn't have been as focused on music and art.

I loved Thursday this week. We headed south to see a play at a local opera house. They typically host four "educational" plays a year. The plays are also put on by local student drama groups. This year fewer plays were offered and we learned that there will be no more until January 2012 due to renovations. We saw "Tattercoats: A Tale of Yore." They boys had a great time (as did I). I'm thankful we have these opportunities close enough to enjoy.

Friday felt like a really busy day although it wasn't. The afternoon/evening was busy with 4-H and driving my boys here, there, and everywhere. The two younger boys ended the day at the AWANA sliding party. I had planned to hang out in town and bring them over after 4-H. However, I needed to run a couple errands for my MIL and the boys had forgotten their sleds. That meant all the way back home and back out to drop them off with their dad for the sliding fun.

Since we took Monday off and I was going to be around on Saturday anyway (ha!), I left the boys some checklists to do. Having them productive is always a good thing.

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  1. Our co-op has been blessed to have someone to teach music each year and once in awhile someone to teach art. Next year, I've VERY EXCITED that we'll have both an art teacher and a music teacher so our "music class" for K through 6th grade kids will now become a combo Fine Arts class :) YEA! And, we'll also offer some Fine Arts to the older kids in their TOG time!

  2. Tattercoats looked great! Sorry we missed it! Whats the next play going to be?


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