Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visiting Auntie

Riding the boogie board was a favorite activity.

It's been a few years since we've been able to go visit my Aunt who lives near the ocean in Massachusetts. She lives about an hour south of Boston. I took my two younger boys and headed south last Friday. We made a stop over at a friend's house Friday night. My boys had a blast playing with her son.

Saturday morning started a bit too early for me and we headed to the MassHOPE used curriculum sale. I scored a bunch of great books. I loved their free book tables and ended up snagging a huge arm load of reading books. I found the prices excellent and had a great time shopping, but it was PACKED in a small venue and I had to have my two boys with me. Needless to say it was interesting!

Some of my best buys were copies of Apologia's General Science along with the solution/test booklet. Because they were first editions I bought the books for $3 each and the solution/test booklet for $4 each. I bought two of each as we'll be using it in a co-op setting in the fall. I also managed to find a Genevieve Foster book I didn't already own - Abraham Lincoln's World. I'm pretty happy by what I added to our home library. The only problem is I really should get rid of more books to make room!

After the sale I headed towards my Aunt's house. We arrived around dinner time and just enjoyed visiting. My Aunt and Uncle from New York were there as well along with my cousin (their daughter) and her youngest son who is only a month older than my youngest son. The boys got along famously and we had a great time.

The three amigos...

As we were driving to my Aunt's house Saturday night and getting closer, my youngest son was exclaiming over everything we were seeing. It has been at least 3-4 years since he has been down to visit so I wasn't sure how much he would remember. He did know that we were going to visit my Aunt. I think this had him confused as he didn't realize my aunt is his aunt as well.

So as we are driving along the bay side road where my Aunt lives, I hear a small voice pipe up from the back seat...."Hey, don't we have an aunt who lives around here?" Yes, son, yes, and we're heading there right now.

My cute and adorable youngest son.

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