Saturday, August 24, 2013

New School Year Photos

Every year thousands of parents take first day of school photos of their kiddos and share them everywhere. This week for the iHomeschool Network "Not" Back to School Blog Hop, homeschoolers across the nation are doing the same. I plan to make up student ids for my kiddos and so I recently took some head shots of them while we were on vacation at the beach last week. 

Here is my oldest son. He turns (::gasp::) 17 in just a few days. He's working on high school. He's now as tall as his dad (six feet) and wears a shoe size that is actually two sizes bigger than his dad (size 12)!!! He loves all things computer related and is planning to go to college to be a video game designer (not a programmer, but one who decides how the game works and designs the world - at least I think that's how it works.)

My middle guy is now 12 - on the verge of being a teenager. He's working on those lovely junior high classes. His glasses give a hint as to what he really loves right now - planes. And yes, they are real glasses. They are a sports version. He lives and breathes all things airplane. He even started his own blog (which I help him with) called The Airplane Place

This is my youngest little man. He's nine and most definitely the baby of the family. He loves all things Lego and Star Wars but probably not in that order. This one is just starting the end of his "early elementary" years. 

I love these boys. We spent the past week visiting relatives in Massachusetts and enjoying lots of time at the beach. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end our summer. We will be taking the next couple of weeks off and starting the next school year on September 9th (so I will not be doing the last week of the blog hop as we'll still be on vacation). I need that time to plan out our new school year! I love this time of year though - full of possibilities.


  1. Woweee, Lisa. The boys are grown up! Is your oldest now a Jr or Sr?

    Can't get over how much they've grown. Happy new school year.

    1. He's a junior but I'm considering a "bonus year" for him. We'll see how this year & next go though. :-) And yes, I was just thinking the same thing about YOUR kids! LOL


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