Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who Doesn't Love A Giveaway?

If the answer to that question is - YOU - then you may want to skip this post. ;-)

As anyone who has been reading here or my blog knows, I started an Etsy store. Many folks ask me, what's "Etsy." Etsy is a website where folks can open a "storefront" and sell their items there. All must be homemade items. No buying in bulk elsewhere and reselling. It works in a similar fashion to ebay - in a way - but without the bidding. You are charged a listing fee (super cheap btw) and a fee when something sells. That's it. Super easy. It's a great community over there as well.

In order to get the word out in time for the holiday buying season, I am giving away not one, not two, but three of my prints! And I'm going to make it super easy on you. Promise!

The giveaway is open right now. You will earn one entry for each item you complete below. The best part....I will be drawing the winner for the proverbial hat so you do not need to leave separate entries for each item you complete. Simply leave me one comment with each thing listed that you have done. I'll be checking so please be honest.

Winners will be posted on Monday, November 22nd. All entries need to completed and entered by midnight of the 21st.

Oh - would you like to see what's up for grabs? These are all 10x10 prints. I have this one....

this one.....

or this one.

That's right. I'm not drawing one winner, but three separate winners. So be sure to put in your comment somewhere your favorite print!

Okay, here are the details - completing each item listed will earn you one entry unless otherwise noted:

  • Leave a comment telling me which one you'd most like to win. 
  • Follow my blog (or tell me you already do)
  • "Like" Berry Patch Creations over on Facebook (or tell me you already do)
  • Follow me on Twitter (or tell me you already do)
  • Head over to my Etsy Store and mark it as a "favorite of yours" (heart it). You will need an Etsy account but it's all free.(This will earn you three extra entries.) Scroll down and look on the bottom left to find this.
  • While at my Etsy Store go and "favorite" (heart) any item. Each heart on each item will earn you one entry. (I have 53 listings right now btw.....)
  • Share my Etsy Store on Facebook. (There is a button to this below the favorite spot. Scroll down and look to the left.
  • Share my Etsy Store on Twitter. Same spot as above for this.
  • Subscribe to the Berry Patch Creations store feed (near the other share buttons). (This will earn you two extra entries.)
  • Add my Berry Patch blog button to your blog. (This will earn you two extra entries.)
  • Add my Berry Patch Creations button to your blog. (This will earn you two extra entries.)
  • I'm beginning to add Bible verses to some of my prints. Let me know your favorite and which photo it should go on. You will earn two extra entries for each one you list!
Thanks to everyone willing to help spread the word about my store. Constructive feedback is always welcome. You can contact me at lisaanne29 AT hotmail DOT com for that.

Edited to add on 11/6/10....You do NOT have to do ALL the entries listed above to join in on this giveaway. Do one or more to win. The more entries you do, the more chances you have of winning! Also, I was told that the photos were not showing up in the post. This happened to me once but I figured my computer was just being wonky. I just linked each photo back to my Etsy store so you can see what you are signing up for. Thanks for all who have shared this giveaway already. You have until 11/21 to enter!


  1. Hi Lisa, I seen this on twitter! Very nice! Which one I don't know I love all of your work! I guess the top two. You know I follow you on twitter, fb, I have hearted your shop and have hearted that tulip, which is my favorite! I have shared your store frequently in the past but I will gladly share again!

    Hugs your new friend on Etsy ~Lorenda~

  2. Hi Lisa, I would like to win the sunset one, I think its beautiful.

    I'm already a follower.

    I "Like" you on facebook.

    I hearted you on Etsy.

    I hearted five items on Etsy.

    I shared your Etsy store on my facebook.

    I subscribed to your Berry Patch store feed.

    I added your Berry Patch blog button to my blog.

    I added your Berry Patch Creation blog button to my blog.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  3. Haha! Well clearly this is going to take me a few mins! I'll be back later!! :)

  4. Ashley Kelley11/04/2010 4:55 PM

    Hey Mrs.Berry. I saw this on facebook so I figured it was worth a shot! (unless of course I am too young to win...if so please let me know)

    I would love to win the print of the indian paintbrushes

    I 'Like' you on facebook

    I follow you on twitter

    I hearted you on etsy

    I hearted 5 of your prints on etsy

    I shared your store on twitter

    I think a good verse would have to be Malachi 1:11 for your 'Winter Sunset' print on etsy

    Thanks for having this giveaway and again, please let me know if I am too young to be able to participate :)

  5. Hi Lisa! Here's my list... And don't forget to comment on my WildCrickets fb page entry about your giveaway. Hop over to say hi!

    Fairy House is my favorite!! Always has been, so I'm glad to see it in the giveaway. I already follow the blog and had already "liked" BPC on fb. Followed you on twitter! Made your shop a favorite! Shared your fb page on my personal fb page and shared your fb page and blog on my WildCrickets fb page. I shared your blog, shop, and giveaway post on my blog. I added your etsy shop button to my blog. Tweeted your give away and your shop. I hearted a few (3) photos! Whew! I have no idea how many entries that gets me. I'll leave that up to you! :) Fantastic giveaway!

  6. I love the prints. The sunset pic is certainly my favorite. I don't follow you on blogger, but I do have you in my rss reader - does that count? Bible verses - hmmm. I need to think on that a bit.

  7. Hi. I like the Fairy House, follow you with gfc, follow you on twitter, and liked your fb page. Great pictures!!

  8. I would love to win the Fairy House print.

    I followed you on Twitter.

    I added four of your items to my Etsy favorites.

    (Your photos are beautiful, by the way!)