Monday, April 5, 2010

Cabin Fever or Burnout?

This week on The Blog Cruise we're tackling this question: "How to avoid burnout? What to do if you burnout?" 

I would have to say that most if not all homeschooling moms (and dads) have experienced burnout to some degree during the teaching of their children. Burnout - as it happens in my home anyway - is when I want to never see another school book. I certainly do not want to sit down and teach these ungrateful children of mine. I certainly do not want to clean the house. I could care less if there is clutter everywhere. I just want some peace and quiet!!!!


Now that I have that off my do you avoid it? Um, let me know since I obviously have not figured that part out yet.

As to what to do if you do have burnout?

Take a break. The longest one you can possibly do. If that stresses you out even more (we'll never get our days in before August!!), then have the kids do some unschooling...

  • take a walk in the woods together. 

  • Have them watch an educational program/movie (we're currently watching Wild China).
  • Go for a long drive and pop in an audio book (we're listening to Jim Weiss' version of Treasure Island currently.)
  • Have them draw 
  • Read a book or two (or five or ten.....) by themselves or to each other
I find that when cabin fever hits here, burnout usually hits as well. I sometimes do some "unschooling" in which I am not directly involved with teaching the boys (see above ideas). Work boxes have been a saving grace for me this year also. There have been many days in which that is all they do and basics are covered so I'm happy (as are they).

One last thing that always helps me...I start planning for next year! For some reason checking out all the curriculum that is out there and making plans helps.

Just like everything else it passes and the joy associated with homeschooling comes back. So far anyway....


  1. Thansk God it's not just me! I usually struggle to 'do school' at this time of year... especially this year, I just want to be outside!!!!! Helpful post, thanks!

  2. We have mini burnouts throughout the year. Sometimes I wake up and just decide it's field trip day! Even if it's just to the library, it helps. Jeremy has been reading the Hardy Boy series, so he could spend an entire day reading through them. I hope spring is headed your way soon!


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