Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Daily Tradition

As I've mentioned here time & again, we live on the family homestead right next to my hubby's grandfather & his parents. This has allowed our three boys to really get to know their grandparents & great-grandparents (my hubby's grandmother passed away last year). It's really something special in this day in age we think & one of the main reasons we chose to move back home.

Every single day that we are home, my oldest son (who is now 10) walks down to get the mail with his great-grandfather. No matter the weather, at 12:30 sharp each day, they head down. I say down since that is the direction our driveway goes. :-) Our drive is about a 1/4 mile drive so this is about a 1/2 mile each day. B talks about what is happening in his life & great-grandpa listens. They even hold hands often. They used to take Shadow & Keeysha with them (our older dogs that have both passed away). Now they take Scout - my in-laws new puppy. On occasion N is allowed to go but this is really a special daily tradition for just B & great-grandpa that I try to allow for.

This is what memories are made of & I'm so glad we are able to live in a way to promote the making of them.


  1. This is SO precious. When our older four were that age we were blessed to be moved to the small town in Montana where my Uncle and Grams lived. It was the first time I'd EVER lived near extended family. It was great. The kids and I also had a routine and would stop and go see Grams every day at the same time. She passed away at 94 right before we went active duty....those times were blessed. What a special gift God gave me and my children and your and yours. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, you make me miss home! I love the traditions you and your family have. It's great that your kids get so much time with extended family, and it's also great that you recognize what a blessing that is. Hope you're taking some pictures of those walks to the mailbox!

  3. I have read the comments already posted, but I was unable to publish them to the blog. I ketp getting one of those "Error 404" screens! So, De'Etta & Sharlene - I did see your comments! :-)

    I am very happy we have the ability to live where we live & that my boys are getting a chance to get to know their extended family.

    Sharelene, I have not gotten photos yet but it is definitely on my "to do" list! I'd like to get one from each season. So many moments, so little time. LOL


  4. How sweet that your son can spend so much time with his great grandpa. My kids only have one "great" still living and that's my mom's mom who lives with my mom. We keep thinking we'd like to move in to town, but memories such as you describe are what keep us out here. We don't live as close as you do, but we are within just a couple of miles and the grandpas will often come and get the boys to go do something.


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