Sunday, January 28, 2007

How I Met My Hubby

Well, Kristine over at her blog
shared the story of she met her dh & then challenged the rest of her blogging buddies to share their stories. So here you go & I'll even give you the slightly long version. :-)

I was in a pretty serious relationship that started my junior year of high school & lasted until after my freshman year of college with a boy who was two years younger than me. We began dating & became engaged at one point. However, he wasn't very & was downright mean at times. I finally ended the relationship when I was 20. I took a year off from college & lived with my parents. I worked at a local wood mill for that year. That prompted me to be sure to return to college!

My best friend was attending the local university all that time. Her hubby was in the engineering program & had a friend that she thought I'd like. She began talking to me about him & him about me. She started showing him a photo of me. At that time they had all rented a house along with two other people. I was going back to school, but I was commuting from my parents. It was an hour drive one way - 500 miles a week. I had 8 am classes. Did I ever mention how I'm SO not a morning person & I had just finished working the 10-6am shift for the last year?? Anyway, shortly after school started I went down to spend a Thursday night for two reasons. One was most obvious - to meet Bob. The second was so that I could go to Campus Crusade for Christ with my friend, her fiancee & Bob. I thought he was very cute. To this day (14 years later), he can even remember what I was wearing - which I think was cool. (I do wish I had a photo of the outfit! Oh well...)

This was during the end of August of 1992. Over Labor Day I had a good friend come up from Massachusetts to spend the weekend. I made one last attempt with my ex-boyfriend that weekend & we went on a double date with my friend & one of his friends. Needless to say, it didn't work & I broke it off for good. While I was bringing my friend back to the bus station I started thinking about Bob - so I called him. I should say I'm never very forward, but I was very forward in this relationship. I swung by & we went out on our first date that day. I even kissed him first!

We dated all that year. I even moved in to the house they were renting taking over the spot of a roommate who wasn't working out. Then school ended. We made the decision to move back to where he grew up & rented his aunt & uncle's camp (for the cost of utilities). So essentially we were now the two of us living together. This was in May of 1993.

We went to church with a friend of his shortly after we moved back home for the summer. Someone there knew Bob & asked if I was his wife. He said, "No, she's my girlfriend." This got us both thinking more. That night we talked about & I said we should just get married. His response was, "Well, I was going to ask you but I thought you'd say no!" Well, nope we were married July 17, 1993. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

Taken on our honeymoon

He did surprise me with an engagement ring though - something we thought we should forgo due to money & time. He was interning at Water & Sewer District an hour plus from where we lived & I was working as a receptionist/reservationsit at a white water rafting company. That meant I had hours different from his. One night I arrived home after he did & he greeted me at the door. He said, "Give me a kiss!" So I gave him a peck on the lips. I was tired! He said, "No, give me a KISS!" So we did. Then I felt something coming in my mouth & I pulled back sure he was trying to put gum in my mouth (he does have a reputation as a joker). Nope, it was the ring. :-)

We've been married for 13-1/2 years. It's been hard at times. We went back to school after that summer & finished up our senior years as a married couple. But for all the hard times we made it through, it only made our marriage stronger. I'm pretty happy where we are now.

13 years & 3 boys taken August 2006


  1. Lisa, great story! I'm a little too chicken to announce on my blog that we bought our house a year before we were married (my dd reads my blog, and she doesn't need to know this!). By the time we got married, the hard part was over--we were already "stuck" with the house, and getting married didn't require four dozen signatures, lol.

  2. What a beautiful story. I'll have to post mine sometime. It's hard, because there are things that my inlaws don't really need to know, and they read the blog, lol!

  3. How sweet. Thanks for sharing! That reminds me that I should tell our story someday.


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