Thursday, February 1, 2007

Project 365 - Day 32

These are two photos I had been meaning to take for some time. The first is of our state capitol building. I see it all the time while driving in the area & really have had no good place to stop & snap a quick photo. I took this one from the top of the parking garage while we were at the Maine State Museum.

The second photo is one of a steam engine near where my sister lives. Every time we go down to visit her my middle son asks to go see it. It's a tad bit out of the way & I will occasionally go by. We'll even pull in from time to time & get up close & personal. He loves it when we do that! This is also a working train yard & generally there are a lot of diesel engines & cars there. It's his favorite place to go.

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  1. My boys would LOVE that. They LOVE trains.


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