Saturday, March 24, 2007

Annie Finds a Home

The dog that my hubby & I had before we even got married (she was really mine but she "defected" to him after we started dating & more so after we were married) died last fall. Her name was Keeysha & she was 14 years old. She had a stroke one day in September. While it wasn't totally unexpected, it was still hard. The hardest part was that my hubby was gone that weekend & I could not reach him so he could come and say goodbye. He left with her being fine & came home to her being buried in the backyard. It hit him hard.

Around November or December last year I joined a local Freecycle group.
My main purpose was to help us find another puppy or dog for our family. We are dog people. Well, I'm a cat person & I used to have one but she died about five years ago.

Every time a post would come up about free puppies or dogs, I would forward them to my hubby. He would generally respond that he was "not ready," but I kept sending them on the off chance he WOULD be ready one day. Well, last week one post came through & hubby seemed to be ready!

It was for a three year old "lab/shepherd" mix. The owner was moving for a new job that included housing & could not take the dog with her. My hubby asked for photos. This was on a Tuesday (3/13). On 3/14 I got the photos & shared them with my hubby. We then started making plans to meet. The owner & her daughter came up to our house to see where we live & to meet us before making the decision.

It took Annie (the dog) a bit to come in the trailer. She seemed to sense what was going on. She didn't like coming in & then she didn't want to come in to the kitchen. Apparently the previous owner had a very shiny/slippery floor that she had to put rugs across so Annie could walk on it. This made her a bit skittish of any shiny surface. She was pretty funny though. We had to put a leash on her & coax her in to the kitchen where she immediately went "splayed foot" & crept VERY slowly across until she hit the carpeted living room. :-)

The owner decided we could have her & Annie joined our household on 3/15. Unfortunately, I had to leave that night as I already had a long weekend planned away from home. However, it allowed my hubby to completely & totally bond with Annie. When I got home on Sunday they were the best of friends!

This is how they spend MANY evenings together. Annie loves it as does my hubby. It's nice to have a dog back in the house.


  1. Annie's beautiful...I'm so happy that you found her on freecycle. The local freecycle here doesn't allow pet postings. The ft. Riley one does, but that organization is about 200 wants/DESPERATELY needed to every OFFER...I gave up on it.

    I love freecycle - I do!


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