Friday, March 23, 2007

Making Cars

The two older boys are participating in Awana this year & having a great time with it. They are getting ready for the Awana Grand Prix which is coming up on the 24th. It's basically very similar to the Boys Scouts Pine Wood Derby. They have to make a small wooden car that is lightweight (no more than 5 ounces) & fits the height & length specifications as well. The goal is to have the kids do as much of the work as they can.

N using the wood rasp to shape his car.

B doing his car.

Daddy putting on the final paint details.
Confession: This photo was slightly posed, but I DID walk in & say them all like this earlier. When they saw me, they all moved, so I made them go back in place for the photo op. :-)

N's car - going for a 'Vette look.

Daddy is painting on the flames on B's car.

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