Friday, March 30, 2007

History Fair

The homeschooling group that I belong to has some sort of fair each year. Last year it was a science fair - judged even. B loved it. He won first place for third grade. This year it was a history fair, but not judged, for which I was grateful at least. :-) The children were to choose a person or time period & do a presentation on it. Costumes were welcomed.

B decided to do Robin Hood. It fit well since we are studying the middle ages this year. I was even able to find him a costume on eBay. I love eBay. :-) I took out a bunch of Robin Hood books & he devoured them. He seemed to have taken in plenty of information & did a good job of explaining his display to anyone who stopped by.

This was a diorama that we made.
Ben did most of the work, but I did help some.
The Sheriff is by the castle.
Maid Marian & Robin Hood are by "Sherwood Forest."

Daddy & "Robin Hood"

N, well, for N we did the history of trains. This is the child who has absolutely loved trains since he was about two years old. I found some images on the Internet that he cut out & pasted. Then he told me all he knew about the different types & I typed that for him. To complete his display board he drew some pictures of trains. Then we added a small track with a Thomas going round & round. That drew most of the little boys who were there with their older siblings.

N was hilarious about his display. He would literally run up to people & say, "Come see my display! Come see my display!" This is the child that I have said has never met a stranger. He delighted in sharing his knowledge & did pretty well with it all in all.

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  1. That's great! You all did a wonderful job on the displays.

    I'm glad that our various fairs have never been judged, it's just easier that way for so many reasons!


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