Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet Tank

My sister likes big dogs. Now, people have told me that my dog is big. Well, my dog is about 60 pounds. My last dog was about 60 pounds. My sister's dogs average 100 pounds. THAT is a big dog! They are all great. Dakota was her first. He's a shepherd mix of a sort & is about 110 pounds (I think). He's black & white. Tucker was the next. He's a Great Dane. He's a bit small for his breed at just over 100 pounds. Well, they just got another. He's adorable right now. He's about 30 pounds I think - at about 15 weeks. He's a bull mastiff. He's going to end up around 150 pounds. Here are some photos of Tank....the new puppy.

Dakota is the black & white one.
Tank is the smaller one. He's a pretty brindle color.

After playing with the kids outside for an hour,
he was one tired puppy!

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  1. aaawwwwww...that's one cute puppy! The name, I am sure, he will grow into!!!!

    I love big dogs, as long as they aren't mean...Great Danes are such loving "horses", lol!


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