Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another March Birthday

While my side of the family has tons of birthdays in January, my hubby's side has tons in March (and October). Yes, this uncle ACTUALLY turned 50 last month. However, due to a lot of family things going on (including my FIL needing immediate surgery) it was postponed to this month. The nice thing about this was that he WAS surprised!

Here is the cake my MIL made (B helped)...

The birthday boy.

Hmmm, there is a definite haze to this photo don't you think?

B had to try on the hat & glasses that were given to his grand-uncle.

In the midst of the festivities, a Nerf rocket war broke out in the living room between N & his "uncle." (It's really his 2nd cousin or some such but he's the same age as his real aunts & uncles so we give him the same title.) As you can see, Great-Grandpa did NOT pick a really great spot to sit & had to finally put up a shield.

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