Thursday, April 19, 2007

Walking in Maine in Springtime

In order to start really enjoying the nice weather that has finally come to Maine, I'm attempting to take the boys on walks in the afternoon. We go out for an hour & can usually do about two miles in that time. I'm also trying to make them a bit educational & point out various things to them. As much as I can anyway.

A few weeks ago I spotted a really neat "woodpecker tree" on the side of the road. Ever since then, I have been looking for them & seeing them everywhere. I'm sure they has always been as many around, but I never really noticed them before. Some are very impressive. This one isn't quite so much, but it is just down the road from our driveway.

This stream comes down off our property, across the Camp road (that's not really it's name but it's what we call it here) & in to the lake we live near. I always love walking down there in the spring to check out the run off. I love the sound of rushing water. My silly dog loves it too. Any spot of water along the way & she is jumping in to it, walking through it, generally doing all she can to get in it!

She loved it when we ended up at the lake. We own a right away to it & I plan to use it more this ear. It's only about a mile away & a pretty easy walk. Most of the ice along the shore is out. I didn't take Annie off her leash as she still has some issues with coming when she's called. That didn't stop her though. She was in the water & the boys were tossing rocks for her. Both B & N were even able to skip some out there.

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  1. How FUN to have such a cool place within walking distance.


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