Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My New Garden

I've been meaning to do this post now for a while but I needed to wait until the project was completely done. This is my first home improvement project that we started about three weeks ago. I've wanted a flower garden now for awhile. I finally was able to get started on a weekend when my hubby was home & my FIL was around to help out. My FIL came over with his backhoe & dug it all for me. That was a HUGE help. My oldest son took some of the photos for me.

Watching my FIL start to dig. It was kind of fun! That's me in the blue shirt & hubby is beside me. You can just see our middle son's head above the tractor.

This is the "before" shot of what my FIL left for me to even out & fix in to a flower bed. Still way better than digging it myself!!!

After about two hours of work - this is my "after" flower bed.

The big rock in the middle was dug up when my FIL was digging for me. I wanted to save it to put in the garden. My two small plants all set & ready to go. They are from my sister. Don't ask me what they are - I don't remember! :-)

One more after photo. This is after I hauled five wheelbarrow-fulls of sawdust out from under the sawmill to fill in the flower bed & keep the grass & weeds from growing. My hubby did use the lawn tractor to bring up another large load a few days later. Still pretty pathetic on the plantings.

This was just taken yesterday (6/26/07). I now have some extra color & extra plants. I even have a string fence up so that the dogs will hopefully keep out of it! They can get to running & playing & were going right through it. Yesterday I planted a hyacinth & a zinnia plus a whole bunch of daffodil bulbs that my hubby's grandfather had dug up. It will be pretty next spring. I planted them along the back of the garden & the front.


  1. Oh, I MISS gardening - I did a TON of planting just before we left Georgia. I would LOVE to see what it looks like out there now.

    You look GREAT, by the way....

  2. dh here: Being an engineer and working with contractors my whole career, I am an expert shovel-leaning inspector. :)

  3. Goodness, Lisa, when in the world have you found time to garden and blog this week?

    It looks great!

  4. My dream is to someday to have a garden but our schedule is busy . . it know it's not happening this year! It looks great!

  5. Your flower garden looks very promising! I know you are glad to have gotten so much done so quickly!

    Susan in Va (SHS)


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