Monday, July 2, 2007

Book Review: One Corpse Too Many by Ellis Peters

So I ventured to read the second book in the Brother Cadfael series. I have to say that I liked this one much better than the first. Here is a brief summary I found on the 'Net:

"In the summer of 1138, fighting engulfs Shrewsbury as King Stephen battles the Empress Maud for the throne of England. When Shrewsbury Castle falls, and its 94 defenders are hanged as traitors, Brother Cadfael is called upon to administer last rites to the dead. But his careful count reveals 95 corpses, and once again the sleuthing monk is on the trail of a murderer this time aided by a lovely young fugitive. "

I was able to finish this one faster & enjoyed it much more. Ellis Peter is great at misdirection. I spent 90% of the book thinking the criminal was one character only to find out near the end that it was someone else all together. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next one.

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  1. I LOVE those kids of books.. the kind where you don't automatically KNOW who did it part way through the book. I think I'll have to try to find some of these books at our library.


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