Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Attempts at Keeping the Peace

I have three boys. They get bored easy. When they get bored, they start to pick at each other. The two worse offenders are the two little ones. Don't think that B, the oldest, doesn't do his fair share of picking though. However, he has his own room to retreat too and he does - a lot - which is nice - for me. :-) However, the two little boys share a room. I decided to see how well I could do with some sort of activities for everyone.

Today I sat down & did formal school with the two older boys. Trying to just finish up history with B & then N asked to do "math." I couldn't find his math workbook so I had him finish his Rod & Staff workbook - last one!!! - and then do some handwriting practice. He loved it.

While they did this I had J work on some independent things - counting bears & matching poker chips to cards with numbers. They were all activity bags that I got in a swap a did a long time ago. They've been sitting in my room collecting dust. I finally dug in to them today.

This afternoon I sent the littles to their room to play for awhile. Then I cleaned off the table & brought out the homemade play dough kit that we got in the swap. B added in some of his play dough as well. They've been at it for about 30 minutes at this point. Almost time to switch them out to something else I think.

Thanks to Lisa over at Homeschool Circus for the idea of a "preschool rotation." It appears to be working - yeah! Here is her post for the first set of instructions. Then click here for the second half of the day.


  1. Looks like they had fun! I'm glad that the rotation is working for you. I'd rather spend the day one step in front of my littles, than one step

  2. Is that playdough? You gals are such great moms... I don't let the kids play in the house with anything that's "messy" (LOL)! Although it sure does look like fun.


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