Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Boys

I decided to try to get some portrait shots of the boys today with my digital camera. I like how they came out.
I had to do some fast talking to get B to cooperate. I actually took his photos last, but I wanted to post them in order of their births. I find it hard to believe that B will turn 11 at the end of next month! Where has the time flown!!!! He is now almost as tall as I am. Well, I am pretty short - about 5'2" & I can look B in the eye - which he really loves. I think he's about 4'9" or 4'10" at this point. Every year on their birthday we mark their height on a piece of wood nailed to the wall in the doorway between the living room & the hallway. I'm interested so see how much he's grown since last summer.

This is my middle son. He's about 4-1/2 years younger than B. It was a really good age gap for me at least. He is now six and literally goes around telling EVERYONE that he meets "I'm six!!!" They all think he just had a birthday. Nope, he turned six in April so he's more like six & a half. He has such a thirst for life & it's a joy to watch him. Last fall he taught himself to ride a bike. It was pretty amazing. For his birthday we bought him a new one & he spends each & every day riding it around the yard. He goes back & forth between our house & his grandparents house. He has such a great time on it.

And here is the baby of the family. J is a rather precocious child. He started talking by the time he was a year old - full sentence talking. He was saying many words even before that. I have a scrapbook page of him at 18 months old with a huge list of all the words & phrases he could say. He can express himself fully through words. I love hearing him say big words. He's been running around the last few days singing, "You can't catch me, I'm the ginger man!" LOL He's now 3-1/2 & he's SO tall. I just checked the other day & he's grown almost five inches since January. He's not so chubby anymore. Our newest project is potty training. Oh my - what a project!


  1. Great pictures of the boys, Lisa! Can't wait to see you guys.


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