Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're a Nielsen Family!

A few weeks ago I got a call. I tend to hang up rather quickly on telemarketers. However, I actually listened for a bit & found out the guy calling was from Nielsen Media. They wanted us to participate in a TV diary program. The best part - they pay us to do it! Got to love that. I got the diaries today. I'm glad I'm getting paid & really glad only one TV will need to have it filled out. Our other TV isn't hooked up to anything but a VCR & DVD player. ::grin:: I have to start filling out our diary tomorrow & keep it for about a week then mail it back. Easy enough I guess. It's kind of fun to be doing this - at least at this point - I'll let you know next week. ::big grin::


  1. That does sound like fun especially since it's a PAYING JOB!

  2. Fun! I'd love to do that.

  3. I would love to do that - it would be hard, though - because we actually have THREE TVs (don't even ASK!), and they are all on at one time or another. Usually, after Scotty's gone to bed, Hannah has the downstairs tv on, I've got the living room, and my hubby's in the bedroom watching would be TOUGH to keep track of all that!

  4. Lisa, this sounds so cool! I am quite sure the only things we watch on tv seem to be Nicktoons and Food Network, lol!

    It will be interesting to see if it changes what you watch . . .


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