Saturday, August 18, 2007

Second Day in No-Where Maine

The second day of being at Camp in Moosehead was COLD. Well, not really that cold, but cold enough that I wore sweatpants & a fleece top the rest of the weekend! I think the high today was 58 degrees. Brrr! I think global warming decided to skip Maine this August. We've only had about a week of really hot weather this summer.

These two brave souls attempted to go swimming. B did get pretty wet but never went under fully. N just kept whining & crying about how cold it was but wouldn't get out - so I finally made him get out. It also started to sprinkle a tiny bit. J did get in at the edge to play with the rocks again. This was our last attempt at swimming during the weekend. I had even put my suit on to try today. I got my toes wet & decided it was WAY too cold for me!

N had gotten his sweatshirt wet while helping his daddy stack some wood he had cut. It was really too wet to wear so I wrapped him up in daddy's flannel shirt. It was pretty funny to see him walking around in it.

We gave B a BB gun last year. A Red Rider BB Gun. He loves using it but we don't have a lot of time to devote to it while we are home. We brought it along to camp & set up some targets. As long as we kept an eye on the dog & the other two boys, we let him have free rain on target practicing. He's getting really good with it. He even posed for this photo.

This is the front of the camp. My hubby is sitting on the porch reading the newest Harry Potter book. My two younger boys are begging to come down to the water where I am. I keep telling them I'm just taking some photos, I'll be right up! :-) Notice how my middle son is taking the news...

The window on the "2nd floor" is actually to a loft. This is where everyone sleeps. There is a double bed, two single beds & an army cot so just enough room for all of us. J slept on the army cot right next to the double bed. The other two boys each had their own bed. Each bed (minus the cot) has an air mattress on it. It's not too bad to sleep, but I just couldn't comfortable either of the nights we were there. I'm not sure if it was too cold, the bed too soft, or there was simply too much snoring. :-) I felt a bit like Goldilocks - nothing felt "just right." Although, the two hour nap I took on Saturday might have fit in that category!

This is one of the projects my hubby did. He cut up an old tree that had fallen down on the path to the outhouse. The path is really muddy & can get really bad in the spring & fall when there is more water on the ground. You have to wear boots to head out that way to the necessary. He built this wooden stepping path & it worked wonderfully! Now you can go out in your slippers & not worry about it. Even J was able to walk out & back with little difficulty - he just needed a steadying hand to hold.

B seems to be thinking strategy here.

I taught the boys to play Yahtzee while we were there. N LOVED it & he even won two out of three games. LOL That just made him want to play it more.

Yup! Read & 'em & weep boys! Ha!

After we put the boys to bed - earlier than we had the previous night - we headed down to the dock to enjoy the sunset. My hubby took this self-portrait of us together.

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  1. FUN! Now I've read far enough back to realize that this isn't a "camp camp" as in an organized camp. I was wondering with it being so far off the beaten path. I'll read on to find out more.

    Just wanted to say BRRRR.. you have been cold this August.


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