Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hands-Up or Our Last Day of Vacation

I was so busy cleaning up the camp & packing up our gear that I didn't take any photos in the morning. I had pulled my camera out in case we came across a moose or something on the drive out. I decided to take a photo of my hubby instead.

Hmm, he even smiled for this one! You know he's really happy then. He hates his photo being taken!
We went down the road a bit to a gravel pit. My hubby uses this area for target practicing & shooting clay pigeons when he's in the area. I wanted to brush up on my gun handling skills & B wanted a chance to shoot the .22 rifle. We stopped here on our way out. The only thing harmed was a very empty LP container we used for the lantern. :-)

The final part of the day was a driving tour of all the logging roads in the area. My hubby spends a lot of time up here in the fall bird & deer hunting. As a result, he & his family have given a lot of the roads names. He took me to see "Bobby Road" named after him.

All in all it was a fun weekend. We rarely go away together as a family. We are blessed to have a place we can go to & just reconnect with no distractions. No e-mail. No telephone. No one but ourselves. Although, I am glad to be home. :-)


  1. In the beginning, my dh was not too happy about me taking pics. He's resigned to it now, I guess. (Wish those kids would do the same!)

    COOL posting the pic of him shooting. :) We don't talk about guns too much on SHS, do we? In fact, after 6 years, I recall that as being the ONE subject never discussed!!!! (And maybe smoking?)

  2. LOVELY scenery! We have a gravel pit and the boys like to go over there and shoot their guns, too.

    I think Kristine is right. I don't ever recall a gun/shooting thread nor one on smoking...


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