Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fire House Field Trip

The field trip season has started up again. One of the homeschool moms in our group has two older boys. One of them is in a junior auxillary program at the local fire station. We all gathered at the station during their regular meeting time & the teen boys were the ones who took us on the tour. We split in to groups of three so you will see more photos of my youngest & oldest boys as my middle son ended up in a different group.

The two tour guides for our group were knowledgeable & did a great job with the group. One of them (in the red "fire" hat) was the boy from our homeschool group. I know my guys had a really great time.
When we arrived, they pulled all the fire trucks right out for us.
I managed to get a few photos of N as our groups passed each other as we went over each truck.

This is how big the tires are!

It was definitely darker out at the end of our tour. Even though we were standing in the lighted bays - where the trucks are usually parked - this is what I ended up with for a photo when I tried to take a picture of the fire fighters in their gear. It was kind of cool though.

And what fire station tour would be complete without a fire hat?


  1. We have NEVER toured a firehouse. They train all military firefighters here...I really should look into a tour. This looks like great fun!

  2. LOVE the dark photo that shows off the reflective gear, lol! You can just say that you planned it that way!


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