Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Walk

In the spring I was good about taking the boys out for walks every day. I fell away from the habit over the summer. Since I know winter will be here soon & may limit out outdoor time, I thought it would be good to get back outside again. Instead of walking on the roads though, we headed up back & walked on the logging roads behind our house.

The leaves on the ground are rather thick at this time of year. We had a hard frost so they were rather wet too & made the hills a tad slippery. The two older boys kept in the lead & headed off up the path.

At the top of the hill is our family cemetery. Two years ago this is where my hubby's grandmother & nephew were buried. They were the first ones in quite a long time. I find old cemeteries fascinating & love looking at old tombstones. My oldest son is named after the "Grandsire" of our family who is actually buried in this cemetery. He was one of the founders of our town that we now live in.

As we walked - much to my oldest son's chagrin - I kept asking the little ones "What do you see?" Then we'd stop to check out the different things they pointed out. Here N picked out a really big tree.

Of course, J had to find his own big tree after N did.

We went a new way & stumbled on to the snowmobile trail behind the house. Alongside it was also the town line. It's not often one can be in two places at once, but N & B managed to do it quite easily. ::grin::

We were outside for about 30 minutes or so as we walked the nice paths out back. Of course, we all had our "hunter orange" on even though our woods are posted so we are relatively safe from hunters. The air definitely had a taste of fall to it as it was only in the 50's. The boys all had hats & mittens on & warm fall coats & sweatshirts. I do miss the days when they only need shoes to run outside & play.

J loved all the large rocks we saw along the way. He gladly jumped on to this one & posed for me. What a character!


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the stories of your family plot.

  2. Lisa,

    I posted a 30 Days of Thanksgiving update if you'd like to share how your first week went:

    Feel free to either comment there or post yourself and then leave the link.

    Hope you are finding this a blessing!

  3. Lisa,

    That first picture is just beautifully composed. You *are* clever!

  4. Awesome pictures and love the family stories too!

  5. Great post, Lisa. A lot of your scenery looks like mine! (We had our first freeze last night though.) We are wary of hunters too, and although we don't expect any problems, it's not a chance we'll take either!

    I find the family cemeteries fascinating. It's not something we'd ever seen before moving here!

    Lovely photos!

  6. Oh, thanks for posting Bigger on your read list! I'm not familiar with it but need a new read aloud next week that my 9yods will find more engaging. This looks GREAT and amazingly my library has it!

  7. Those are beautiful fall pictures!

  8. What a LOVELY area to walk!


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