Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Very Busy Day

Today was a very busy day. Our church has just started a brand-new MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) & I was eager to go & check it out. The clincher for me was that they were going to have a supervised room for older homeschooled children. They were also planning on having someone do the Child Evangelism Fellowship curriculum with the 2-6 year olds. I decided to let my middle son (age 6) join in with the CEF stuff since he's still not able to do a lot of school work completely on his own due to not being able to read well yet. I made a list of schoolwork for B to do though.

We headed to church for the 9am start time. One of my friends was able to come with her two daughters. The nursery was down from the fellowship hall/gym where we were meeting but all mine were too old for that (infants to about age 2 were in there). The rest of the children were down in the basement in the old fellowship hall area. They apparently had a fabulous time.

Since the group is just beginning there really wasn't a huge turnout. The workers/helpers outnumbered the participants by quite a lot but I can see it growing fast & large - prayerfully! It will be a great outreach to those in the community I pray.

MOPS lasted from 9-11am & went by rather fast. We had a pray, a devotion, a get-to-know you game, an overview of the curriculum we'll be using & how the group will work & then did a neat little craft. Before I realized it, it was time to gather up the kids & head home for lunch.

I live about a 20 minute drive from church. Then again, I live about 20-30 minutes from just about anywhere of size. My little town has a population of about 800. We have a K-4 elementary school. Although, up until about two years ago, that was a K-8 school but the town was finally convinced to take on the debt (with help from the state) to build a much needed middle school that holds grades 5-8. Anyway, we have the little elementary school & a new town office (in a trailer) and a small wood sawmill. That's about it. No post office (that's in the next town over). No stores of any kind - again a 15 minute drive for that sort of thing. Needless to say the temptation of take-out has severely diminished since we moved here given that it's a half hour round trip to the local convenience store. However, I'm digressing.

I made it home & gave the kids a quick lunch. J has been on a grape kick lately & that's all he wanted for lunch. Apparently, they had also had snack at MOPS so I wasn't worried he didn't have enough to eat. I had him down for his nap by noon - a bit early - and prayed he'd fall asleep FAST since I had to turn around & leave again by 1:30 for another meeting.

I woke J up at 1:28 & thankfully he had apparently slept enough as he was happy. We headed out the door & made it to the next meeting on time. It was for the homeschool group I belong to - yes, a 30 minute drive away - to plan for the next month & see what we wanted to set up to do.

This is the view right now as I drive in to town where the meeting is held. They cut a bunch of trees last year so the view just opens up to you as you come up a hill. Unfortunately, the clouds were hanging low today so the mountains in he distance were hidden.

After the meeting I headed home & had B finish up some of the schoolwork he hadn't gotten to that morning. Then I crashed. I did end up making pizza for supper though. The two younger boys were pretty happy with that. B has decided he doesn't like pizza so he settled for his old stand-by - peanut butter & jelly.

A busy day but still a lot of fun. I am looking forward to tomorrow though - when I have nothing planned for out of the house until the evening's Awana program. ::sigh::


  1. thank you SO MUCH for the Maine Fall...I miss that the most of all. Those colors just can't be found anywhere else. Red is not often found here, sad to say.

    I love our MOPS here. We have quite a large group at ours. I didn't get to go last year because of Scotty's clinginess, but this year, he absolutely LOVING it! We have enough folks (and space) that we divide infants, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5 & 6's, and the homeschoolers room, too. Some of the moms of homeschool kids "voluntell" their kids into the other rooms as helpers.

  2. One of my IRL friends is the MOPS coordinator for our church. It sounds like a WONDERFUL program!

  3. Lisa, wow that it includes older hs kids too!

    NOW I know what it's like to have everything at least 20 mins. away, lol.

    My view looks similar, only things are just beginning to turn red here.


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