Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Family Day!

Growing up I knew I was part of a large family. Most of my friends had one or two siblings. I had four - two of each - two sisters & two brothers. I'm next to the youngest & there is a four year gap between me & my next older sibling so it was always the three oldest & the two little girls - still - to this day. ::sigh::

Now that we are all grown & off on our own, we've scattered a bit. Although, four of us still live in the state & within easy driving distance to our parents house. The oldest is the only one who lives out of state & he lives way across the country in California. He was stationed there with the Navy when he met his wife & settled down. Every year they come back for a visit, although this year it was just my brother.

Of course, this meant we all had to get together to eat! And my Mom is THE best cook out there.
We all still fit around the table & added to this mix is one nephew, one BIL & one boyfriend. :-) Yup, our family table has always been rather full. Perhaps that is why I still feel the desire for more children??

My oldest son took this photo...I love how he caught all three guys eating! The guy just to the edge of the photo is my niece's boyfriend, Jon, then it's my dad & my brother Chip - the one from California. My sister is sitting beside him.

Then B got photos of the really good stuff!!!!

These are my absolute FAVORITE cookies! Frosted molasses. YUM! My mom made these at my request & even had a container of them for us to take home. Sad to say they didn't last long. My boys helped though!

Peanut butter fudge - another yummy addition to family gatherings.

Then we had molasses crinkles. This was just the tip of the iceberg of desserts.

This is my oldest nephew, Devin. He is 20 years old & a junior in college. I don't see him nearly enough & gave him heck for that. LOL I walked away with an update address & hopefully I'll be able to stay in better contact with him. The last time I had seen him was two years ago shortly after we moved here & he came & spent a week with us that summer.
No visit to Ninny's house would be complete without a Gator ride. :-) J scored the front seat due to not feeling well. It was chilly this day but the boys all jumped at the chance to go!

My niece's boyfriend hung this swing in the barn & the boys had a great time swinging on it.

And some of them just plain had fun! My niece came close a couple times to hitting her head on boards sticking out & the beams! Yikes! She was going really high!

Speaking of my niece - this is one of six nieces that I have. She is the youngest of the three who were all born in 1990. She is also the one I am helping to homeschool this year. She is a junior in high school. THAT has been a challenge. I'm used to do elementary school! She's posing for her auntie. :-)

This is my brother, Tim. He's four years older than me. He's here with his son.
And the last photo I'll share is of my younger sister, Stacey, & her boyfriend.


  1. I think the reunions would be AWESOME in a big family. In our family it's just my brother and I and he never married...

  2. Lisa - thanks for sharing a glimpse into your extended family. I can hardly wait until I get to host those sorts of HUGE gatherings.

    Great photos...I need the peanut butter fudge recipe. LOL


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