Monday, November 12, 2007

A Fun Monday

While I was a little apprehensive about how my week was shaping up, I had a very nice start to it. My MIL had today off as it's Veteran's Day. She invited me to go to the city shopping. It's a 1-1/2 hour drive away & so we packed up my boys & headed out nice & early. Just as we arrived they all started moaning the lack of food in their systems. We made our first stop of the day - at Dunkin Donuts to take care of the issue.

With a car full of happy kids about 20 minutes later, we headed off to the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I love this store. I don't go there often since it's quite a drive away & it's always busy. Today was no different. We pulled up and saw not only one but TWO tour buses parked directly in front of the store. We made the executive decision that there was nothing in that store that we needed THAT badly & turned around & headed off to the next store. ::grin::

Our next stop was Barnes & Noble & I was able to get some really cool books for Christmas. Sorry, I think some of my family reads the blog so I can't post titles. However, I did get a really cool timeline book that I have heard others talk about. It's called The Timechart of Biblical History and I even had a 20% off coupon I was able to use on it. Got to love that. Here is what the cover looks like. It's a very oversized hard covered book.

The really cool part is that it looks like a book, but it's really one large chart that you can pull it. It's not only a timeline of Biblical history but so much more. I was pretty happy to find it.

We then went next door to Michael's. It's one of my favorite stores. I found some great baskets on sale for 80% off! They were less than $5 each. I bought two with hinged tops & one "set" with one large basket & three small ones inside. They all have cloth liners. I have no clue what I'm going to use them for, but I know I'll figure out something! LOL

I also love all the $1 bins at Michael's. I found some really cute wooden block stamps & even some cute little acrylic block stamps!!! I also got some really neat yarn so I can make some more hats. I'm not sharing more on that though as Christmas is just around the corner!

After that my MIL took the boys & I to McDonald's for lunch. They were so excited. We even took them to one with a small indoor play place. That was the only time I pulled out my camera so here are some cute photos of them. Oh & yes, I had to pull B aside at one point & say - go up there & smile for me! ::grin::

No, this isn't another child I haven't told anyone about. What IS it called though? I can't remember!!!

From there we headed home with a stop in Waterville. My MIL had to return some pants for my FIL at J.C. Penny's so I ran next door to Fashion Bug. I'm trying to find some new clothes as all of mine are getting old & ratty. I hate spending money on clothes though! I had bought some "new" things a couple weeks ago at Goodwill but needed another pair of jeans. I found a pair at Fashion Bug on sale no less so they were affordable. I also found a really cute long denim skirt that was still a bit too pricey even on clearance but I liked it so much I still bought it.

It was a fun day, long, but fun. Thanks Mom!


  1. What a fun day of shopping! Do you go to town and shop the day after Thanksgiving too? I can't believe that'll be a week from THIS Fri already!

  2. It was a fun day. Typically I do NOT shop the day after Thanksgiving unless it's at the PC. :-) However, this year I have made plans to spend the night at my sister's house & we're going out with our friend Tammy. We are not planning to do the early morning thing - at least I'm not! - but just a nice fun day out together.

  3. Lisa - it looks like a fun day for all.

    I like the looks of that timeline book - I may have to put it on my "list" - you know the "dream - far in the future list" not the "wish list" or the "planning list". LOL

  4. That's a fry guy!LOL

    Sounds like a fun day! I love McD's play places. We had a great one in Miami.

  5. Thank you, Lisa! For some reason I simply could NOT remember the names of these things. I remember seeing them running around the commercials when I was little. Fry Guys - got it! :-)

  6. Good morning! Popping in to say - there's an update for 30 Days of Thanksgiving if you are interested in commenting about how it is going for you.

  7. Cool Timechart! I love the $1 bins at Michael's too, never know what you'll find.

    Cut pics, I didn't know what the yellow thing was either 'till seeing Lisa's comment, LOL.


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