Monday, January 14, 2008

An Early Birthday Party

It was four years ago on Tuesday that my youngest son finally made an appearance in the world - after 22 long hours of labor. Yes, I know labor is suppose to get SHORTER, mine only got longer. I was induced for all & I really feel, in hindsight, that my labor times directly corresponded to how aggressive my doctors would be about the process.

I went in at 8am on the morning of January 14th to have J. He finally arrived at 6:38am on January 15th during an extremely cold snap in the state that lasted almost the whole week we were in the hospital.

Since I'm a diabetic, my blood sugars affect the babies. I was diabetic for my last two. N did very well after he was born & we were only in the hospital a couple of days. It took J about 3-4 days to finally get his blood sugar to stabilize without help (i.e. glucose solution). By that point he had developed severe jaundice so he spent quite a bit of time sunbathing in his isolet. And to top it all off, he had a heart murmur as well. It was a rough week. Although, I was very thankful that it was all fixable. Even his heart murmur which ended up repairing itself & now is a non-issue. I had a 10 lb 3 oz baby (yes, he was big) in the NICU & I saw many other teeny, tiny babies who had arrived far earlier than they should have fighting for their lives.

Today I have an amazing four year old son who makes me laugh pretty much every day. He's been very verbal from a young age. He was speaking in complete (and clear) sentences since he was about 18 months old. I've said many a time that you never had to guess what J was thinking - he would just tell you. I'm truly blessed to have this sweet little boy full of hugs & kisses.

Just like N, J loves trains. It may be simply because N & J share a room and thus toys as well. J asked for a train cake. I bought a pan last year since between the two of them, that's typically what they ask for. Now it's just a matter of what train they want it decorated to look like. My MIL is fantastic about decorating the cakes for them.

We sent over the pan & a model for her this morning. J wanted a "Stanley" train but since I knew Stanley was grey, I made him pick either Thomas, Percy or James. He chose James. James is the red engine. And, as both N & J were quick to pick up on, James is also the #5 engine. ::grin:: However, since J is turning 4 that is what my MIL put on the train. It was quite comical.

All you have to do with either of the boys is list a number and they'll tell you the engines name or the engines name & they can tell you the color & number. It's a bit scary. ::grin::

J had a "helper" while opening his gifts. N was sure J would be getting new trains & accessories so I think he wanted to stay close - just in case of course.

J had a great party. He was too excited to eat much though. I learned my lesson though. He woke up at 3am this morning crying (he literally said, "I can't take it anymore!") that his tummy hurt. After a couple of plain crackers and some water he settled back down to sleep. However, I was fully awake at this point. ::sigh:: He did take a nap this am as did I, but I'm certainly feeling the early morning at this point. More important though, J is feeling just fine & is playing with his new toys.


  1. Happy Birthday, J! Great looking cake.

  2. What a neat cake! Isaac Loves trains also and would probably fit in nicely there.LOL

    Happy Birthday!

  3. It's hard to believe our babies are turning 4!

    Happy Birthday J!

  4. We have train loving boys here as well. The cake looks AWESOME!


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