Friday, January 11, 2008

Future Dreams

Three years ago our family moved back to the "family homestead." We knew that some time in the future we would be able to build on the family land. For the time being we are content to live in our trailer while we continued to pay off our debts. Well, the end is in site so we've started our dreaming & planning for our future home.

We are very blessed to be at the homestead. We live on about 100 acres right next to my hubby's parents & grandfather. There is even a working sawmill on site. However, the engine is old & unpredictable. This past summer my FIL bought a portable sawmill! There are many reasons for this but one big one was for the use in building our house. This will mean that most of the wood used in our new home will be cut from our own land. How cool is that!

Above is one of the home plans we've come across in the last week that we like the best. It's a salt box design which means one side of the roof extends down to the first floor level. You can see it just on the side there. They are basically a modified colonial. My hubby doesn't particularly care for the colonial look though & I have to agree that this one is the best we've seen so far.

As for the inside floor plan? That's up for grabs. You see, my hubby will be designing our home for us - the joy of being married to an engineer. And if we need architect at all - my BIL is one. It will all be in the family.

We know we'll have a central chimney with a fire place on one side (in the living room) & then a wood stove in the kitchen (perhaps a cook one like my moms). Now, if you were designing your own home or are already living in your dream home, what sorts of things do you like? What sorts of things did you wish you had added? Any tips, ideas - please share in the comments!

It will take us about two years to cut all our lumber before we begin to build but this is certainly an exciting time in our family.


  1. Love the house, Lisa. And how cool that you can do all this "in the family".

  2. How exciting.It will be fun to watch the dream come true! I love the drawing.

  3. How fun to live on 100 acres . .. that would be my dream come true! Look forward to reading about you going through your building process.

  4. I LOVE the house! I've always dreamed of living on a large piece of land but we are city folk and wouldn't last long.LOL

  5. HOW exciting! What an accomplishment it will be to build it all and even cut your own wood. Our roof line is like the one you show, but we don't have any of the fancier gabled type things at the front or back... Just the long slope on one side and the shorter slope on the other.

  6. It really must be exciting to be in at the start of creating a home. So few new houses are built here and they tend to be very small, so we will probbaly never have this experience! Enjoy every moment, won't you?

  7. I'd have: mud room; large master bedroom closet; breakfast bar area at kitchen counter; dedicated computer space in kitchen; pantry; lots of storage throughout the house. And I'd definitely consider easy ways to clean when drawing out the plans . . . that's a lot of house to keep up. :) Fun, fun stuff!!


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