Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun & Decorative MOPS Craft

I promised to continue sharing what I'm putting together for our MOPS group for crafts. This week we did a decoupage of a glass plate. It was fun but messy. I got the idea while I was cleaning my hubby's grandparents house this past week. My MIL had bought her this adorable glass plate with a piece of fabric decoupaged to the back. I thought it looked rather easy to do so I went out & bought plates & paint brushes. I already had a large bottle of Mod Podge (decoupage glue) and my MIL let me raid her large fabric stash.

Step#1 - gather your supplies. I also bought some glass bowls since I wasn't sure I'd have enough plates (I cleaned out Wal-Mart. I bought their 8" salad plates for $1 each. I bought five bowls at the local dollar store since Wally World didn't have any.) One important step I did not show...I did soak all the plates & bowls in hot water so I could easily remove the price tags. Then I ran them all through my dishwasher.

Step #2 - Turn the plate upside down. Cover the back with a good layer of decoupage glue. Work rather fast as it will dry fast.

Step #3 - Place your fabric (with the front facing the plate) on the plate. Work out all air bubbles.

Step #4 - Let the decoupage glue dry for a few minutes (about five). Then trim the excess fabric off. I also went around the entire edge of the plate & used more glue to make sure the edge was secure. I dabbed the glue in between the fabric & the edge & used my fingers to smooth it down.

Step #5 - Allow the edges for dry for a few minutes. Then turn the plate back over. Apply another layer of decoupage glue to the back. This works as a sealer.

Step #6 - I placed the plate upside down on a jar to dry for a few hours. When we did this at MOPS, I brought some wax paper for everyone to wrap their project in to transport home.

Here is the final project!


  1. that is TRULY cute! I'll have to consider that for a craft project for our "Ladies Night Out" at church....would be a lot of fun!

  2. This is way cool, Lisa! I am going to save this idea. I think my older kids could do this, too.

  3. Very cool! I need to remember this.


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