Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sledding Fun

Today was my Mom's birthday. Since I'm also homeschooling my niece who lives with her, I headed over for a visit. I had to get my niece going on the next semester of school work. I also made a cake for my mom & surprised her with that. I also gave her a gift card to Christian Book Distributors so she can either get some movies or some books.

Shortly after lunch my boys starting begging to go sledding. Their is a road behind my parents barn that was perfect for sledding. My younger sister was there with her boyfriend. My niece was also there with her boyfriend. I think they had almost has much fun as my boys. I was the official photographer along with my Mom. My sister's boyfriend drove the Gator back & forth hauling everyone back up the hill.

This is my niece's boyfriend going down with my younger son. J has NO fear at all. They were cruising & he was just having SO much fun.

My niece's horses headed closer to where we were to check out what was going on with all those silly people. I think Java is the one in the blue blanket & Ollie is in the white. (Dyanne, correct me if I'm wrong, k?)

Notice how J isn't even holding on to anything!!!! I swear this kid will be the one to give me gray hairs.

N LOVES to go sledding. He was having SUCH a great time. He's my other daredevil.

I took this photo of Dyanne (my niece) & B right before they crashed. This is a two-person tube. That makes it fun. However, you simply cannot steer it - at all. They hit the bank & went head over heels. B went inside with Ninny (my mom) & had a bit of TLC & a break. He came back out raring to go. However, he told me, "I'm riding alone from now on!"

See - look at J! His hands are just resting on Dyanne's legs. But the face! You can tell he was having a great time.

This is Jon heading back up the hill. They did walk quite a bit. I took it just to show how much SNOW was on his BACK! ::grin:: He wiped out A LOT.

This is my sister sliding with her daughter. Yeah, they were having fun.

I think this one is pretty priceless. Of course, J is STILL not hanging on! LOL Silly kid.

B heading down alone in his tube. He rode this pretty much all day. It did go up on to the snowbanks rather well.

My sister is crazy. I LOVE the looks on her face in the photo above & the one below. Too funny! My Mom & I were busting a gut watching everyone slide. It was SO funny!

And for the last photo - this is my niece heading down with her boyfriend. Can you see her hair? Can you tell how fast they were going? They were cruising. Let me tell you that! I think they wiped out shortly after I took this photo. ::grin::
I took over 60 photos today. The majority of them were of the people sliding. I loved all the expressions on all the faces as they came whipping by. We did have a really great time. Of course, this does mean that we'll have to bring out sleds with us from now one when we head over to visit.


  1. Lisa, This looks sooo much fun!

    We sometimes only get one or two days of snow like this and sometimes not until Feb or March. I get so excitied if we do!

  2. That looks like a TON of fun. I wish we had some snow.


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