Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Happenings

It's been quite some time since I just wrote about what we've been doing during the day - just random thoughts - so I thought I'd take some time to do that today. Aren't you glad??? ;-)

Monday we were suppose to head out to church to play with our newly formed homeschool group there. Everyone was to bring board games & play for a couple of hours. However, we had just received a new snow/sleet/rain storm the night before & my driveway was a complete sheet of ice & very nasty. My roads were not much better. I was sure I could get to where I was heading, but I was not sure I could get back up my driveway. I opted to skip it & stayed home. My in-laws went out that afternoon & picked up sand & my FIL gave the driveway a great sanding which has helped quite a bit. I also skipped out on my new Life Transformation Group that is meeting on Monday nights due to the weather.

Tuesday I headed south to spend the day at my sister's. She was great & sewed some fleece/flannel blankets for all of us for Christmas. I had hoped to do this myself but did not manage to get to it. In exchange for her time on this, I offered to help her "clean sweep" some rooms in her house. She has been wanting to move her son's bedroom to another room in the house. However, that room is one of those "catch-all" spots so a lot of decluttering needed to happen. She actually had done quite a bit of it before I got there Tuesday, but I helped finish it up. It took us about 3-4 hours to empty the room. Now she needs to get the paint & we'll get it painted. Then we'll need to move her son in to that room. Once his room is empty we can move some of the items in the new "catch-all" room to that room & finish that up along with the cleaning up the messy areas. It will all eventually get done.

Yesterday we had our weekly MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group meeting. Our meetings go from 9-11am. My boys really have a great time there. They even had a homeschool room for my oldest to go in to. I typically send him work he can do on his own. This week they had an adult who went in & played games & such with him which was a nice change of pace. Immediately after the meeting, there was a Steering Team Committee meeting. I was asked to join that a few weeks ago & I'm heading up the Publicity portion of it.

We arrived home around 3pm so it was a long day but very fun & productive. We created collages to represent who were were & that was a lot of fun. Here's a photo of mine:

I spent some time once we got home creating Yahoo groups for our MOPS group & Steering Team as well as a new blog for us as well. I'm still fine tuning the blog and it's been fun.

Of course, we had the lunar eclipse last night & the view here was fantastic. I have never seen one. I attempted photos with my little point-and-shoot digital camera but they were blurry. I also took my tripod & film SLR outside to try some photos that way. I only had B&W film though so I'm very eager to find out how they came out. I did this once at night & got some really fantastic lightening photos (heat lightening - I wasn't in the rain) so we'll see if I managed to get the shutter speed correct.

Today we headed out mid-morning to get groceries. Ugh. Need I really say more. Our first stop was the bank. My boys love it when we go to the bank since they give out lollipops. ::grin:: I try to use cash for my weekly spending (groceries, gas & whatever is left over is my discretionary spending). However, the bank where our joint account is held is over an hour away from me, but just up the road from where my hubby works. We have a free account there since he does direct deposit with them, but it makes it tough for me to get cash. The only local credit union will not work with this particular credit union so I always end up paying fees to use the ATM. So what I do each week is either ask hubby to bring me home cash or I write myself a check from our joint account. I have a small photography business plus some eBay, so for ease of use, I set up my own account at the local CU. I write the check & then go cash it. It works great for the most part.

After the bank we hit Wal-Mart. My nephew is having his sixth birthday next Thursday but his family birthday party is on Saturday. Since I know he won't be reading the blog, I can tell you all what we ended up getting him - I Spy Go Fish card game & Monopoly on the Town.

Typically we would have AWANA tonight, but since it's school vacation week we don't & I'm quite happy about that! LOL It will be nice to be home tonight instead of heading back out. Well, actually, I would already be there at this point greeting & checking in all the little Cubbies & Sparkies.

Tomorrow AM I head over to my parents house to pick up my niece. She is going to spend tomorrow night here for a "girls-night-out." My hubby leaves tomorrow morning to go to camp for the weekend. Brrrr! It's been cold around here lately.

To finish out my week, I'm heading back down to my sisters (about a one hour drive each way) for my nephew's birthday party. Then it all revs up again on Sunday. I'm not complaining though. It's great to have so many opportunities these days & so far we are enjoying it a lot.


  1. Your bank gives out lolipops? What a good idea! My kids might not have behaved so badly in banks over the years had they known a lolipop was waiting! {g}

  2. I too was on the Steering team of our MOPS group several years ago. I loved it! I started out as the Publicity Coordinator and moved onto the Coordinator for the entire group after that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. Shew a busy week. I've been shocked at how small the lolipops are these days. The kids are always impressed until I tell them when I was a kid the lolipops were 5x the size they are now. LOL

    I love your collage.

  4. WOW. I never realized you were so busy.. MOPS, AWANA, play group, photography business, monthly scrapbooking! I don't think I could keep up with you (LOL).


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