Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun in the Shop

A local friend of mine owns a computer store. I needed to go visit her in order to pick up some shoes for B. He is attending TeenPact on Friday and there is a dress code to follow. He only has boots and sneakers.

I packed the boys up & headed over. The store is about the same distance from me as Kathy's house & this works. She covers the store hours on Tuesday afternoons. Her oldest son does a lot of the store hours plus their other son helps out a lot too. It's a great little family business & it's growing my leaps & bounds.

Kathy on occasion needs to bring her younger children with her depending on what the older children are doing. As a result, they have some toys in the back room. My guys headed there & had a great time playing with the "new-to-them" toys. B decided he was too old so he spent quite a bit of time just pacing around. ;-)

N building a castle.

J in the little ball play area. He was on the only one who fit well & he stayed here most of the time in order to stack his claim & keep his brothers out! :-)

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