Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where I Live

This post is for my aunt & uncle living in Massachusetts. I was visiting them this past weekend & they asked for photos of where I live. It was easier to do it this way then to e-mail them a gazillion photos - okay, maybe not that many - but wait....

I'm standing just in front of our trailer looking down my driveway. You cannot see the road from this angle or distance. We occasionally hear vehicles driving by & we can hear boats on the lake.

I'm standing in the same spot as the previous photo, but now I'm looking up towards Grandpa's house. This is where my hubby's grandfather lives. It's the house he was born in. He has done a remarkable job renovating it.

Still in the same spot but now looking over towards my in-laws house. You can see their garage & their house is behind the little apple orchard right there by the driveway.

I walked down to the end of our lawn area & took this shot down our driveway. You cannot see the road from this high up our driveway. It's a 1/4 mile long.

I turned around & took a shot back up the driveway. This is our trailer. We bought it used (30+ years old) & renovated the whole inside of it. My hubby added the screened in porch the summer after we moved in. I love that thing. He added a nice addition to the other side as well that gives us some more living space as well.

It's hard to get this shot when all the trees have leaves, but I'm standing in the back corner of our front yard. You can see the corner of our trailer to the left. Grandpa's house is just beyond that & through the trees on the right you can just make out the roof of my in-laws house.

This is my in-laws house. We replaced the deck last year. They designed & built this house themselves. They even cut the lumber off our land & used our sawmill to make the boards. This is what we plan to do in a few more years.

A closer shot of Grandpa's house. This was repainted about three years ago.

This is a shot of the old sawmill (the darker brown building) and the barn. The sawmill does still work but it's very temperamental. It's run by an old (1960 something) car engine. This was the sawmill my in-laws used to cut the boards for their house. The barn looks old as well and it is! We use it mainly to store our winter wood. I did hear the story a few weeks ago about why there are missing boards up there. There were many years when no one lived on this farm. Grandpa & his family had moved to Connecticut & lived there until the 1980's when my inlaws moved back & then they followed. During that time they would come up in the summer for vacations. Apparently at some point during hunting season, some hunters came & knocked some boards out so they could use the barn as a deer stand. We hope to some day renovate the barn before the elements take it back. For now it works well for what it's used for.

Here I'm standing in front of the barn area looking towards my in-laws house. There are some beautiful rose bushes that line the front of Grandpa's house.

Just one more view to show how the driveway flows. I have to say that living where we do so close to family is really very cool. We can go days without seeing anyone but we can also have family dinners on the fly. The boys love living this close to their great-grandpa & their grandparents. We have four generations living here & we are so very blessed by it.

The boys & I took a walk today so I made sure to get some photos of the end of the driveway & our road. This is taken from the very bottom looking up towards our place. You can't see us from the road at all. How nice is that!

I walked up the driveway just a bit & then took this shot looking back down towards the end of it.

I stood at the end of the driveway & looked left....

and then right.

We DO have neighbors & in fact, they are closer than what I had growing up where I did - but that's another post. I'm slightly embarrased to say that I JUST meet our neighbor to the left this past spring. He was N's baseball coach. Oh my! We've lived here four years. What can I say... We have no neighbors to our right at all since that is the direction of our land & we live on about 100 acres. It's nice & I really wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. Very beautiful indeed!

  2. This is idyllic. I always love seeing your "compound".

    It was fun catching up.

  3. Show off! Let's see, oh I have a front yard that is 20x20 and a backyard that is 20X75, with neighbors all around. The woes of city life. If I could find a decent paying, computer related, job in that part of the world I would move in a second. City life is just not that got and how I do miss the country!

  4. How beautiful!

    What do you do with the 100 acres?

  5. De'Etta - I laughed about you calling it a "compound." I jokingly refer to it as the "Berry Commune." LOL
    Chip - um - I wouldn't switch - no thanks! I just spent the weekend in Boston! Ugh!
    Dorothy- we burn wood so all of that comes from our property - there are three families living here - we walk around a bit - um, just enjoy the peace & quiet really. ;-)

  6. GOREGOUS! Thanks for sharing the panaromic view! Great idea.

  7. Tammy Lynn D8/04/2008 1:16 AM

    I really enjoyed this post and all the pictures. It was nice to see everything in the daylight!



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