Friday, August 22, 2008

Final Moments

Time of death 9:41pm

We've had this fridge for about ten years - roughly. It did spend three years in storage prior to our move here to the homestead. About six months ago we had to replace a fan in it (compressor fan??). However, today after lunch N went to get one of his many popsicles of the day & it was mush. Literally. Uh-Oh!

I then remembered that the fridge had woken me up last night making this awful grinding noise. As you can tell, I was VERY tired. I did get up & check it but couldn't make it stop so I went back to bed & apparently went back to sleep. I suddenly remembered all this when I discovered the mushy popsicles. Uh-Oh!

I called hubby since I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I packed up all our meat that was in the freezer & headed up to Grandpa's house. He made room for me in his chest freezer so I didn't loose any meat. I did take the opportunity to clean it out & got rid of some stuff that had to go. I did spend the afternoon making a raspberry coffee cake since all my raspberries thawed out. I also enjoyed some yummy strawberries tonight after dinner since those had thawed as well.

When hubby got home he immediately started working on the problem. His dad even came over. He used to work repairing appliances. They tried things. Checked things. Took things apart. Talked in a language I could not follow. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my dinner, chatting my MIL who came over to visit, and talking on the phone with a friend I hadn't heard from in a while. Overall being as helpful as I could be. ;-)

The final report was they did get it "working" but it wasn't cooling anything. My hubby declared it dead tonight. So guess what we get to do tomorrow? Yup - go shopping for a new fridge.

Thanks to the Dave Ramsey method of paying off debt, we have an emergency fund that will handle this purchase. Yeah! So we went on-line to the Home Depot website & found a fridge we could afford. Tomorrow we are heading to the local appliance shop that is only 30 minutes away to see what kind of deal they will give us when we walk in with cash & the print out from Home Depot. Hopefully this will save us a longer drive to Home Depot (one hour one way) & allow us to enjoy more of the weekend doing things that are way more fun then shopping for new appliances we didn't really want to have to buy now.

I was able to convince hubby to go for a new fridge rather than a used one. My thoughts were to use it now as our main fridge, but once we build our house in a few years we can put it in the basement and use it for a backup & overflow. This will work & then we won't have to worry that the used fridge will break down in a couple years. Of course, the new one better not either!

I'll update tomorrow on our excursion. ;-)


  1. So sorry about the fridge. Glad you have your EF in place. This is EXACTLY what it's designed to do. Can't wait to hear if you got a deal... (We haven't had much luck with deals and cash. Seems our stores would really rather have you finance!)

    Karen in MT (SHS)

  2. Good for you to have an emergency fund. Our Church has been offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) classes and the second session is coming up soon, which I'll probably take. My wife (a business major) handles most of the finances and started using the 'envolope' system for limiting how much we spend.

    We also have an emergency fund and hopefully won't have to use it anytime soon!


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