Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I Did Today

We started our Saturday early today. We headed in to town to buy a new fridge. We were really hoping we could find a good enough deal locally that we would save the trip to "the city" (45 minutes one way) to go to a big box store & get one. My in-laws were great and watched the boys for us so we could do this quickly & easily and my FIL even lent us his truck. Our truck has a cap on the back so we couldn't haul the fridge in it since they need to stay upright.

We went to the local appliance shop & while we didn't get a huge deal, we did get $20 off the fridge we picked out. They helped us load it & we headed back home to take out the old fridge & put in the new fridge. Oh & don't let that universal "we" fool you. I didn't really do all that much except take some photos & mop up the floor when the old fridge leaked a bunch of water on my kitchen floor. Then I put my magnets back on the front & loaded the food back up. Phew! Hard work I know.

This is our new fridge. As you can see it is a lot smaller than our old one. It doesn't fill the space so I now have a small spot to stash my broom & mop & such instead of in the pantry area with all the other stuff that goes in there.

Shortly after getting home I headed back out to go clean my hubby's grandmother's house. I do this for her once a week. I wash the sheets & remake the bed, sweep & mop all the floors, dust, vacuum, and clean up the bathroom & kitchen. Typically my oldest son goes with me & does the dusting and vacuuming which saves me at least 30 minutes. I pay him for his time & he's been diligently saving that money now for over a year. He is going to be buying himself a Nintendo DS for his birthday (which is this Wednesday).

After getting home from doing that I took a quick shower as it finally feels like summer is back in Maine. It's been overly rainy & yucky most of the summer, but the last few days have shown warmer weather & sunshine. My MIL made a yummy lunch so I didn't even have to cook.

It wasn't long after lunch that I headed back out. I met B's baseball coach in a nearby town & gave him back B's uniform. Then I headed to the hairdressers where two things happened.


That's six inches of my hair in that ponytail. This is headed off to Locks of Love. My hairdresser will take a minimum of four inches (rather than the ten I've always heard about). This is actually the third time I have donated & this is the most I've donated. In the past I've done four inches.

It's funny how it all came about. My hair had grown quite long & I wanted it cut. I started thinking about doing Locks for Love so I started checking it out on the internet. All the information I could find said that it had to be ten inches in length. I didn't want to donate that much as it would give me VERY short hair. I decided to just go get it cut anyway.

When I got in to the salon I just told her I wanted 3-4 inches cut off & some long layers put in. That's when Sue (my hairdresser) told me if I did five inches, she could cut off four to donate to Locks of Love & then the last inch would be to even out. I was very happy & told her I had wanted to do that but didn't think I could with so few inches!

I don't go to the hairdresser often since my hair is long. I like it long enough to pull in to a pony tail. However, when it starts to bother me I wait until I know I have at least four inches so I can donate.

However, this time I didn't stop at the the cut.......

This photo doesn't really show it - I don't think anyway - but I've gone red. Yup, I'm a redhead now. I don't think it's brassy or too vibrant, but Sue did tell me it would lighten up some over the next two weeks. I like it. I like the cut too. I can still pull it up in a short pony tail so that makes me happy too.

And while I was off doing all this today, this is what my hubby accomplished.....

That's 80% of the lumber we need to build a new storage shed. That is also only 2/3rds of a tree (24 feet of the tree - now that's a big tree!). He is hoping to get the rest of the lumber we'll need cut tomorrow. Between moving around fridges and cutting lumbar today, he was very busy & productive.

I ended the day by making birthday cake for the birthday boy. While B doesn't officially turn 12 until Wednesday, we are having a birthday party for him tomorrow and let me tell you, the boy simply cannot wait!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I've been catching up on your blog. I loved all the WoF posts - maybe I'll try to make one next time I'm near one. It looks like you had a great time....

    Congrats on the Locks of Love and the new fridge....both look great. LOL

  2. First tell "B" we send him birthday wishes! :) Secondly congrats on the new fridge... and glad that all worked out good for you. Lastly, like the new haircut, surprised to hear you are joining me in the red head world..but I am starting to grow to like it after 29 yrs. :) Hope you all have a great week. Talk to you soon.

  3. Wow - 12 years old, Ben is almost a teenager. Nice fridge and I think the Red Hair look is in. Jenny had a red tint colored in her hair to go along with the streaks of bright pink! Yup, I said pink, as in fluorescent, glowing, see-in-the-dark, pink. It has faded some and is blending in but when I first saw it all I could saw is OMG!

  4. Seriously? They'll take less than 12 inches? Because if that's true, I'm getting Hannah's cut this weekend! I am TIRED of brushing that mess! Tired of the long strands of blond hair everywhere that gets caught on the couch and in my toes....when I brush it, I have a pile of hair on my lap every day! UGH. She's been growing it to donate to LoL...and the last 2 inches have just not been happening.

    Though, on the sad side, I'll MISS the braids on her....hmmmmm....if SHE would brush it, I don't think I'd mind it long so much....sigh...

    Happy Birthday B!


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