Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Tot Time

Today's Tot Time was not as successful as our first attempt, but we are continuing to introduce different things to Miss L to see what works and what doesn't. Today we found a lot that doesn't. ;-)

She did like the Busy Bugs I pulled out. These are from Discovery Toys & I got them for J. I had actually forgotten I had them until I was looking for something else in our homeschool cabinet & there they were! She had a great time just checking them out. They are pretty squishy & rubbery feeling.
She seems to like dumping the cups so I pulled some out for her to use. That was a big hit actually.
When I was looking in the cabinet, I also found the foam Tangrams I had bought for J as well. These were puzzling to Miss H. Each Tangram is two sided - one color on one side & a different one on the other. They look like "sandwiches" & she kept trying to take them apart & eat them. These we'll save for when she's a few months older.

The last thing I tried was stamping. I think in another few months Miss L will realize what these are for. She kept trying to put them in her mouth so we'll hold off.

At least I'm figuring out what works & what doesn't. As long as Miss L has something engaging to do, she is quite content to sit at the table with us & play quietly. This is allowing us to get our schoolwork done so it's working out well.

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