Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blog Roll - Part 4 - SHS blogs

The blogs I'm listing here are for ladies who are part of my favorite Yahoo Group - Support4 HomeSchool or SHS as we call it. We started a links section in our group a while ago & I follow quite a few. You will also see in my side bar that we have a blog ring as well. Here are some that I read regularly.

A Good Start This is a blog by Bridget who has six children. I love her look on life. She is currently in another group with me to help support us in our weight loss journey. She has been very inspiring to me lately.

A Piece of Pax Chris is one of those homeschooling moms you want to sit down & talk with for a bit. All of her kiddos are now grown, gone, and married! She still hangs out & helps us all figure out science (her passion & she teaches a co-op class - or two on this) and how to help our teens live a great life. Oh & if you love books - I HIGHLY recommend joining her Yahoo group (announcement only) called Read It Again Books. She sells used books she finds for great prices. She sends out lists weekly per subject (she just finished history). The first person to respond to her via e-mail to request the book gets it. How easy is that? I've sent a lot of money to Chris over the last few years but it has been oh so worth it.

Bits & Pieces Jen is an amazing tech person. She runs the blog rings for our group & does a great job with that. She also is a really cool digi-scrapper. You should really just go check it out. There is a lot more than - I can't do it justice here in a few sentences.

Choosing Joy De'Etta is another one of those moms you'd love to sit down & chat with for an hour or two. She's the mom of nine children & three have graduated homeschool. Her youngest is three (?? is that right!!!). She is also one of the co-owners of SHS. She shares her life with us on-line & shows us how to parent well, live by grace, and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, & mind.

Jewels of My Own I thoroughly enjoy Kristine's blog. There is a lot of different things on there. She talks about homeschooling her two children, going back to work part-time, moving across the country, life in the country, and so much more. I always enjoy reading whatever it is she has posted recently.

Just Horsin' Around First I love the title of Ginger's blog. My niece has horses & I spend a lot of time there (although she might disagree with that). Although I also like the play on words. I know that Ginger's daughters ride & they do own horses, so that just makes it fun. Ginger is also a fantastic scrapbooker & they just built a new house. As many know I love scrapbooking and I hope to build a home some day in the near future. This is another fun blog to read.

Learning All the Time - An Unhurried Childhood I always think of Jodi as my neighbor even though I know she is at least a few hundred miles south of me. Jodi has a great approach to life & homeschooling. It's relaxed, casual, but full of opportunities to learn. If you'd like to see what an unschooling lifestyle can be like (with some structure thrown in for good measure) I highly recommend checking out Jodi's blog.

LIFE IS GOOD I really enjoy reading Cynthia's blog. She is the mom of four with her oldest graduated and on her own now. They live way out in the country - like us - and it's nice to know she understands when I say that it takes me 30 minutes to get to "town." ;-)

Lisa's Homeschool Circus Of course, I love Lisa's blog! It has a great start to the title. ;-) Lisa is the mom to five children. She has three in the younger crowd - i.e. about the same age as my youngest - and does a great job sharing what she uses to keep them busy & engaged while doing school with her older children. If you have young ones, you'll want to check out her preschool rotation.

Meahl Memories Linda has a great eye for scrapbooking & shares her layouts. She also has a beautiful family & shares their doings as well.

The Littles are Running Amok I think the title really says it all don't you? A really fun blog to read - some homeschooling, some scrapbooking, some fun kid antics. Just plain fun.

YOU DID WHAT? Dorothy lives in England. I've been to England once. I loved it. In fact, I remember telling my hubby that if we could afford to - I would live there. I love reading Dorothy's blog. She has two children. They are both in a transitional point in their lives - as is the whole family. I find it interesting to read what they are doing (and praying it all works out!!) and to see what life is like on a daily basis "across the pond."

Okay, that's my list. I think I have some more SHS blogs in my list, but I'm either not 100% sure you are part of SHS or you haven't updated your blog in a long time. ;-) (hint!) If you think I left your name off OR you read my blog & are part of SHS, let me know in the comments & I'll add you to my Google Reader! After all, I only have about 50+ blogs in there right now. What's a few more? LOL


  1. Lisa, cute post! I haven't been through the blogroll in ages. I've been trying to keep up with some of the SHS blogs, I've not done such a great job with that. We do have a great bunch of SHS blogs!

  2. I also haven't been through the blogroll in quite awhile. I do have quite a few that I keep track of via RSS though.

  3. I've really enjoyed your blog lists! That No Time For Flashcards one has become a favorite of mine lately. Thanks for sharing!


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