Friday, October 31, 2008

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I Said Yes

A couple weeks ago I read something on a blog that has stuck with me. I can't remember which blog (I'm now following 84 - yikes!) and I just tried to find it, but it's almost like looking for that proverbial needle. So, if you recently posted something on your blog about saying "yes" to your children instead of "no" without really meaning it, please let me know....

Yes, that was the gist of it all. The mom took the time to say "yes" that day. Yes, to playing with her kids. Yes, to listening to them. Yes, to just having fun. Instead of just saying, "no" all the time which you all know becomes a habit with us moms.

Today I decided to try an experiment. I really didn't want to sit down & do school today with my kiddos. I'm getting a cold & I'm taking lots of elderberry to fight it (works GREAT usually) but I'm still fuzzy headed and stuffy nosed. I just wanted to veg today. But I didn't.

I did start the school day with a project though.....even Miss H joined us.

I can give credit for this project. I saw it over at No Time for Flashcards. I spent some time first thing this morning cut up a pile of paper to make this cute candy corn project with. I apparently WAY over estimated how much I would need for each of the kids to make one. I saved it all though & plan to bring it to our next homeschool meeting for the kids to make one there.

They had a great time doing it. This is really a "yes" moment for me. I'm not one for hands-on stuff even though I know my kids love it. I even added in a 15 month old toddler. Although, Miss H really just preferred the paper....

She did put some of the paper on her candy corn, but I did a large amount of helping with this. She seemed to love it though. I think in another couple months she'll do much better with something like this.

I only had Miss H today & she only slept for about an hour this afternoon. N has been begging me to go for a walk. I had been doing this daily but I got out of the habit. I said "yes" to day to the walk. I did turn it in to a nature walk though. N needs a nature walk so he can have a section signed off in his AWANA book for a green jewel. We'll bring in his collection bag and rubbing sheet and observation sheet next week so that this can be done. The boys had a great time (for the most part) on the walk. They did pose for me at least.

On the way back home, N was really asking for me to play a board game. This child simply loves board games. It doesn't matter how hard they are, what they are, or how to play. He loves them ALL. I said "yes" again. I'm not a huge board game fan, but I decided I need to invest this time in them. J joined us & we all played Rivers, Roads and Rails.

It's a domino style game. Each game piece has either a rive, a road, or a railroad on it or a combination of any of them. The object is to match up the pieces to create a big link. We played until we couldn't expand anymore due to the table being small. ;-) This took about 30 minutes. The boys loved it & I declared N the winner as he placed the last piece before I called the game.

So today I decided to say "yes" more instead of just saying "no" for no reason. This is my new goal for my family. Just say "yes."

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  1. I like your challenge, and I think I might give it a try. I notice that lately I have been to preoccupied in my own world to say "yes" enough. And as always I really enjoyed your photo's! :) Miss ya!

  2. I like that: having a "yes" day! Looks like it worked out well for all. :-)

  3. Isn't that the truth! I read that concept in a book years ago. And, this is a good reminder. There are so many things we have to say no to for various reasons that whenever possible we should say YES!

  4. Love that! I will intentionally do that. I'm sure that it will yeild amazing rewards!

  5. Miss H is adorable! My daughter sucks her two fingers as well.

    "Yes" days are great! I've had to force myself to do this with my three year old daughter. Sometimes things don't get done, but dd is much less grumpy when I can do this.


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