Friday, January 9, 2009

A Week in Review

I've never really done a weekly review, but this week seems to need one. ;-)

Sunday - I head to church with the two youngest boys. Hubby & B stayed home as neither felt very good. I know I did some other stuff in the afternoon but now it's a blur.

Monday - I had an appointment with a nutritionist. She was excellent. I had met her at our MOPS group this past fall. I did have to bring my "entourage" with me but they did rather well. I brought a whole bag of things for them to keep busy. Next time they will stay home. I'll make sure to find a sitter ahead of time.

We went through what I like & dislike to eat (unfortunately my dislikes are bigger than my likes) & did up a food plan to follow. I've been hit or miss most of the week.

We left there & headed to Wal-Mart. Each of the boys had some money left over from Christmas that they just had to spend. That was a frustrating half hour as they all tried to find something for $6 or less. I turned with a couple packages in my hand & ended up hitting N right in the eye with the corner of a package. It's bloodshot but felt better in a few minutes. Phew.

Headed to the bank to cash some checks. They realized I had written 2008 on one. I still can't get it in my head that 2009 is here.

Decided to brave the grocery store with the "entourage" & bribed them with lunch at McDonald's if they behaved. I saw three local folks I know there - which never happens - and the place was BUSY! I always forget that they restock shelves on Monday morning. I've shopped late Sunday & the shelves are just BARE. The boys got McDonald's.

So much for restarting school today.

Tuesday - Miss L joined us today. We did start school. It went relatively well but I do remember threatening public school enrollment at one point. Not my best homeschooling mommy moment. And yes, I'm in it for the long haul, but some days the thought of all my boys being in the school in the fall is just a bit tempting. ;-)
A lot of this is happening lately. N is at that in between stage for naps - at least for my boys. Yes, he turns five in a week, but all my boys napped until they were about five. I don't make him nap every day anymore - only a couple days a week (Wednesday & Thursday when we have to be out at night for activities). A few days lately this is what I find though. I had just asked him if he was tired. He said "NO!" & then crawled on to the couch & pulled the blanket up over his head. ;-)

Wednesday - We got about 6-8 inches of snow - I stayed home. MOPS was cancelled. Bible Study was cancelled. Miss L joined us again today. School was done. It went better.

Thursday - My mom had surgery today in Portland (2-1/2 hours south of where I live). She had an ovarian tumor found in November. Surgery was a success. The tumor was removed & the frozen cross-section showed it to be benign although they did send it out for more testings to be sure. She woke up from anesthesia severely paranoid (thought people were coming to get her) but did get better eventually. No school today. N woke up throwing up & was sick all day. The two older boys & I went to AWANA - our first night back after two weeks off for Christmas break. I'm the secretary for Cubbies & Sparks. My hubby typically comes & helps with Sparks but he stayed home with the sick boy.

Friday - Stayed home again today. This is actually pretty unusual for me. I'm typically on the go more! My mom is doing much better! I'll be going down to the hospital this weekend to be with her. My sister has been there through the whole long ordeal but she has to work this weekend - she's an ER nurse. No school again today. N woke up still feeling yucky but ended the day feeling just fine & ate pizza for dinner tonight. He has his Daddy's tummy. I spent three hours this afternoon cleaning my living room. It looks so much better. I wish I had taken before & after photos now. ;-) I'm going to just enjoy it.

Off to have supper now.


  1. Love the week in review! I had one of those "spend your gift card" afternoons in Walmart, too. Actually, it gets easier as they get older. I think this was only about 20 minutes in the toy aisle.

    I dreamed we had snow last night...

  2. Your family and your Mom have been in my prayers this week.

    What a busy week you've had. Isn't it nice to have a bit of guidance from the nutrtionist.....I'm now making sure I eat breakfast each and every day by 2 hours after I wake up - and I need to start drinking some milk - YUCK. The calorie stuff doesn't change but I'm doing points now anyway - easier for me to track than the bigger numbers of calories and exchanges. LOL

  3. Hey, sorry to say, but I had to giggle at the threatening public shool enrollment, because I actually threatened the same thing this week! :) Glad people can't hear or see this crazed homeschooling mom somedays! :))
    Glad to hear that your mother is doing great! I will be praying that she is back on her feet soon!
    I have one more of the Wal-mart spend the Christmas money trips left and I am going to put it off as long as I can!!!!! :)

  4. Thanks for you comment on the LPM blog. I'm going to really try to stick to the three rules. I've been trying for a while now to save money at the grocery thing so was excited to see Melissa post about it. I've got a wee one on the way in a few weeks so I know I need to get serious about saving money. Every little bit helps. :)

  5. Sounds like a full week. Glad our mom's doing well. We're trying to get back to a routine as well.

  6. So glad your mum is doing better!

    Will the nutritionist come up with a menu plan for you?

  7. Glad your mom came through the surgery well, and is doing better. Prayers for her continued recovery. That first week after surgery is so painful. I had a rough time after my gall bladder was removed and that was just laproscopic surgery. My muscles were so sore. I couldn't get up off the couch, I had to roll off sideways. Oy!


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